Dakota Access Pipeline Protester Removed from Equipment after Six Hours

Dakota Access Pipeline american horse 2

Dale American Horse Jr. locked down to machinery in North Dakota, August 31, 2016. photo: Red Warrior Camp Facebook

Man says all he wants is clean water

MyNDNow, August 31, 2016

A protester who had attached himself to an excavator has been removed by authorities and arrested.  KX News reporter Alicia Ewen says the man used PVC pipe, chicken wire, chains and grease to attach himself to the equipment.  The man has been identified as Dale American Horse Jr.

Protesters on scene said American Horse Jr. had been there for six hours. Authorities first used a saw to try to remove the man and eventually brought in a crane gain leverage. He was eventually taken down with what looked like a power saw.

He yelled, “Why do I have to be here? All I want is clean water.”

Authorities were seen giving him water while he was still attached to the excavator.

Dakota Access Pipeline american horse 1

After he is removed from the machinery and placed under arrest. Photo: MyNDnow

The Morton County Sheriffs Department responded to a call this morning around 7:20 a.m. of about 20 people crawling on construction equipment on the west side of Highway 6.

When officers arrived, two protestors had bound themselves to equipment using what appeared to be PVC pipe.
Sixteen officers responded to the scene.
The Mandan Rural Fire Department was called in to help deputies remove a protestor who was then arrested.
Another was standing on but not connected to the equipment.
She was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.
The Sheriff’s Department closed Highway 6 between Junction 138A and Highway 21 and is asking people to avoid that area.
Authorities are temporarily allowing traffic to flow through the barricade on Highway 1806.
A spokesperson says Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault asked protesters from Standing Rock not to join this protest.
A Morton County spokesperson confirms eight protesters have been arrested today.

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