Heavy machinery removed from DAPL work site, former protest site, in Morton County

dakota-access-pipeline-machinery-removal-1By Max Grossfeld, KFYR TV,
MANDAN, N.D. Dakota Access removed about 30 pieces of heavy machinery from a work site in Morton County Tuesday morning.

Pipeline protesters have accomplished their goal by stopping construction on one Morton County site, but Energy Transfer Partners, Dakota Access’s parent company, say they remain committed to the project.

Pipeline workers at a pipeline site south of Mandan weren’t met with protesters. Instead, police provided security as the employees loaded up heavy machinery and drove it away.

“It just makes sense that we have law enforcement presence in the area to help with removal of equipment, making sure that we’re keeping the roadway safe,” says Tom Iverson, ND Highway Patrol Lieutenant.

You might remember this as the same site where two people, a man and a woman, chained themselves to pieces of heavy machinery and some people actually grafittied them. One of those people includes Green Party Candidate for President Jill Stein, who was charged in the incident.

“The company has a lot of damaged equipment that they need to either do something with it. It cannot just be sitting out in the fields. It’s just going to go to waste,” says Iverson.

While the equipment is on the move, Dakota Access is not giving up on the project. In a statement, Kelcy Warren, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, of Energy Transfer Partners, the pipeline’s parent company, says:

“We intend to meet with officials in Washington to understand their position and reiterate our commitment to bring the Dakota Access Pipeline into operation.”

Standing Rock Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault responded in a statement, saying:

“Our fight isn’t over until there is permanent protection of our people and resources from the pipeline.”

No demonstrators showed up during the removal process, and police say they didn’t run into any traffic issues relating to it.






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  1. let me understand this, the workers needed a police presence because the mostly women and children peacefully protesting scared them? Man give me a dang break.

  2. Mrs. Courtney J Ayling

    Thank you so much for being able to tell us the details of what’s going on. I look forward to hearing more. Thank you

  3. The DAPL protest can be a linch-pin for saving the planet by metabolizing native wisdom and refuting the destructive ethos we inherited from the Age of Discovery. If you know anyone in the service of USA media please ask them to increase coverage of this historic event. And if you know anyone who can affect internationally based media, bring this issue to their attention, please.
    The indigenous people who occupied the Americas lived in harmony with the earth for centuries. They developed philosophies of respect for the land – preservation of the planet. The standoff in the Dakotas may well represent the last great clash clash of civilizations. Time is running out. We human beings need to change our relationship with the home that nurtures and supports us or we will lose it! Go back to the days of great sailing ships, the 17th & 18th century ethic of Euro-centric culture dominating: colonization – the taking of treasure, commodities traded, a seemingly infinite wealth to be drawn from the planet. Then (curiously concurrent with the human rights revolution of the Enlightenment) the industrial revolution mechanizes and increases the speed of natural resource extraction – until today we realize the globe is not infinite, and our processes have set us on a path toward extinction. Just as war is based on zero-sum gaming (a false premise), the corporate greed manifesto must be checked.

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