First Nations across North America sign treaty alliance against the oilsands



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  1. “We want to work with the Prime Minister and the government to develop a sustainable economy”.
    Grand Chief Derek Nepinak of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs
    No such thing exists. Either Mr. Nepinak does not understand how the economy works or he is an INAC chief. Since he tweets incessantly about his stock portfolio, INAC chief it is.

    • It been a knowing fact among many aboriginal Called The People of the land to be From our Great spirit ,Our old ones paved our road as the future generation us look around but will allow ones who come in peace um sure Us the next generation are here still on our poor brutalated deep scars and irriversible damage of our Mother earth,That we the next generation is to do.Unit when all is said and done We the future genereation one talked of and about then ,that would be .would keep and protect one day as the soul keepers we are the now.2016 its time.they new we Indian are not easy minipulated as the protective and keepers of our mother Earth in there here Homelands of the first nation of American United Native Indians, our old ones decades and decades ago PAVE US THE United American native AHO! with many treaties broken makes their contract with the Indian a void

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