Caravan from Standing Rock Shuts Down Two DAPL Constructions Sties


Masked warriors on top of destruction machinery at Dakota Access Pipeline construction, North Dakota. Photo: West Coast Women Warriors Media Cooperative.

by West Coast Women Warriors Media Cooperative, September 26, 2016

The latest in a series of escalating actions to stop the continued construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline saw hundreds of Indigenous Land Defenders, Water Protectors and Warriors leave camp on Sunday in a 70 car caravan to conduct ceremony on the still active construction sites.

Hundreds gathered to shut down and take over 2 active construction sites, that despite the Obama administration’s previous intervention, hailed as a victory for the encampment, continue to lay down and weld the pipelines on the route. As the warriors approached the first site, singing, drumming and war crying, the private security firm hastily packed up and left the site, allowing the group to conduct a powerful ceremony for the Water and its protection. This ceremony was conducted at both active construction sites, with prayer ties and trees planted in the direct route of the pipeline. The police watched the actions and ceremonies at a distance but no arrests were made as men, women and children witnessed and participated in the prayers.


Photo: West Coast Women Warriors Media Cooperative.

This latest action and ancient ceremony was a powerful one and called on the spirits of Crazy Horse and Red Cloud, all ancestors were joined as one with the encampment. This display of unity and strength is to show the world that our will is one and that the ongoing construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline will not be accepted by our Peoples. This is a camp of thousands from all four directions united in their power and their strength, in their simple wish to protect their Lands and Waters, to protect all Lands and Waters from the greed and destruction of industry and colonization.


Standing on the pipeline with banners in North Dakota. Photo: West Coast Women Warriors Media Cooperative.

The construction of this pipeline is continuing with complete disregard and in complete violation of our federally and internationally recognized human and Indigenous rights, of our ancient and powerful laws. We will defend ourselves, our Lands and our Waters and our future generations. If construction is to continue daily then our actions will also continue to escalate daily. We are a camp, unified, of thousands, and we will not stand down.

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  1. Oh no, Pacifist trigger warning! Warrior flags, Bandanas, and a picture of a snake all shot to shit. Keep that up and all the white saviours are going to get upset. Nothing says decolonization like wrapping yourself in their colonial flag.

  2. ninigiwaydinnoong

    I advised many on how to stop this. No one wants to listen because no one seems to comprehend and that is why THEY always beat us. RIGHT of FIRST LIEN.

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