First Nations artist wants to #RenameBC with native name

Photo: CBC News

Photo: CBC News

Jenni Sheppard, The Daily Hive, October 5, 2016

A First Nations artist wants to change the name of British Columbia to a native name, and has launched a contest with the Museum of Anthropology to find one.

In a #RenameBC video Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun, of Coast Salish and Okanagan descent, says British Columbia is traditional native land.

“Why do we have British Columbia? Why do we have to have this name when they’ve never paid for it? This is our land. This is First Nations territories,” says Yuxweluptun.

“This is traditional native land, this is a province that belongs to native people. But we are held hostage on reservations.”

The public are being invited to share their ideas for a new name. All entries will be displayed outside Yuxweluptun’s exhibition at the MOA, Unceded Territories.

Yuxweluptun will pick his own top choice of new name, and the public will also be asked to vote for their favourite new name too.

Both winners get a gift pack including a signed #RenameBC print and the Unceded Territories t-shirt and book, which won the 2016 City of Vancouver Book Award.

According to the MOA, Unceded Territories is a provocative exhibition on “the colonialist suppression of First Nations peoples and the ongoing struggle for Indigenous rights.”

Unceded Territories runs at the MOA through October 16.

To submit your idea for a new First Nations name for British Columbia, go to or tweet @MOA_UBC with hashtag #RenameBC.


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  1. You have no permission to use that image. Please take it down. Sincerely, the person who took it.

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