Tahltan protection camp threatened by police eviction


RCMP serve enforcement orders to Klabona Keepers Wildlife Management Camp, Oct 5, 2016. Photo: Klabona Keepers.

by Klabona Keepers, October 5, 2016

“During the residential schools, they took the children away from the land. Now, they take the land away from the children”


On Wednesday Oct 5th, 2016, the RCMP arrived at the Wildlife Management Camp at Ealue Lake Road and served us a court order. The WM camp is set up to restrict residential hunting of moose, caribou and bears because of the low numbers.

The court order legalizes the removal of our elders, community members and children before a hearing has taken place.

Arresting us before our Rights and Title can be addressed in the courts is a continuation of the systemic racism our people have faced since contact. From our ancestors being forced onto reserves, to our children being taken away to residential schools and the Sixties Scoop, today’s actions by the government are a continuation of a long history of displacement and genocide of our people.


Mike McKee, former RCMP officer who threatened Klabona Keepers while forcing his way through checkpoint. Photo: Klabona Keepers.

To allow Mike McKee, the ex cop, to violently defy our rights earlier this week with no consequences is a shameful indictment of the racism within the RCMP. To further this inaction with court orders that legalize the displacement of our elders is despicable. We remind the government that we are protectors of the land. We are not criminals.

The camp will continue.It is not a blockade but rather a management of our disappearing wildlife that the government of BC has mismanaged for years.



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  1. There is a solution. Leave them manage their own land and have their own government. See how they make out. Self government!!!!

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