Five treated after driver hits Reno Columbus Day protesters

columbus-day-drive-thruKOLO TV, October 10, 2016

RENO, Nev. Officials with REMSA said five people were treated for minor injuries after being hit by a pickup driver during a confrontation in downtown Reno. It happened during a Columbus Day protest put on by the American Indian Movement of Northern Nevada (AIMNN).

Police say a group of protesters was standing in the crosswalk blocking traffic at the Reno arch when a driver started edging toward them. This turned into a heated confrontation and the driver eventually drove through the group of protesters.

According to REMSA, one person was transported to a hospital with minor trauma injuries. The four other patients refused transportation to a hospital.

Reno Police say the driver of the pickup stopped several blocks away and called police to provide his account of the events. He and his passenger were interviewed and are cooperating with the ongoing investigation.

According to Lorayn Walser, Secretary of AIMNN, the organization was having a peaceful protest downtown. They want Columbus Day to be changed to Indigenous People’s Day in Nevada.

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  1. Another European settler.

  2. a white Nissan pickup truck drove by, its occupants hurling slurs. Then it circled back, and stopped. One witness recounted how two men “drove into marchers after first being seen at the rally start point, driving by once shouting slurs, and then doubling back around to get in front of the protesters before driving into them,”
    “This is a hate crime,” Quanah Brightman, executive director of United Native Americans Inc. told the Reno Gazette-Journal, adding that the driver had been “stalking” the group of demonstrators. “It’s still brutal to see this kind of racism in America. That man deserves life [in prison] for what he did.”

    “The white kid driving the pickup did this with the fullest intention of inciting someone. videos show him calmly sitting in his pickup and asking people if they want him to run over their relatives. This of course inflamed the situation and caused march participants to become heated. He knew exactly what he was doing – he was race baiting”.

    Witness Elmer Smith

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