Communique from Red Warrior Camp on Cantapeta Creek confrontation


Police use pepper spray to prevent people from crossing the creek.

by Red Warrior Camp, November 2, 2016

In the early morning of November 2, 2016 Warriors and Water Protectors went to the bank of the Cantapeta Creek on the north side of camp in an act of defiance against Energy Transfer Partners’ Dakota Access Pipeline which is being built on this side of the river.

DAPL has desecrated several Sacred sites and destroyed land and water, enough is enough, the People have risen and stood firm in prayer and action to stop the pipeline from crossing the Missouri River for months, the same pipeline that was rerouted from an original route that would bring it close to the city of Bismarck North Dakota, the route was denied because the 90% white population voted it would be too risky to their own water source.

Since the raid on October 27th the police and DAPL workers have erected flood lights on the hill overlooking camp and have been working day and night to get to the Missouri River. Tensions have been high in camp – non-stop helicopters, planes, and drones fly overhead. There are not many options left to Water Protectors we have tried many different tactics for months and months from legal to ceremonial, faced with almost daily police brutality and violations of human rights the People are beginning to see that victory lies in numbers. Many call outs have been made and the time to come to Standing Rock is now.

Today was a beautiful day for the Water Protectors as they held their ground against the pipeline and its armed forces that protect it. Around 100 police in full out riot gear showed up to brutalize the People but we held our ground, and we stood firm. Words cannot express how deeply proud we are to be here and to fight with these bad ass Warriors holding down the frontlines; armed with nothing more than goggles, tarps, and strong hearts against “less than” lethal weapons.

The Peoples purpose was to build a make shift pedestrian bridge and take direct action to access the other side of the water, where the Dakota Access Pipeline continues to be built. The Morton County Sheriff Department has shut down access to the bridge north of Oceti Sakowin since the raid on Sacred Ground Camp, forcing the Protectors hand. The pipeline is only .25 miles from the Rivers edge at this point and the drill is coming.

At least 200+ People gathered on the south side of the creek. Many swam across or paddled in canoes and boats to protect those building the bridge. The police commandeered a Game Warden boat and used it to harass the Water Protectors. Eventually the partially built bridge was dismantled and a line of 50+ warriors made it to the other side of the creek and stayed there for over 2 hours. The police sprayed tear gas and pepper spray, shot rubber bullets, and did everything they could to protect DAPL.

We only have a scant amount of time left to kill this Black Snake. Obama has stated he will let this play out for another few weeks, the Army Corp of Engineers has “authorized” the police to take action, something Sheriff Kyle Kerchmeier has expressed pleasure about in a statement. We all know that Kyle Kerchmeier has proven to be a trigger-happy racist, who loves nothing better than siccing his riot pigs on us. It has taken officers from seven different states to try to oppress and subdue the people, North Dakota has so far used 10 million dollars of the tax payers money in its war against the People. We have shown our Warrior Spirits, we will not back down even though we regularly face assault after assault on the land, our bodies, and our very way of life.

All this comes in the wake of the charges of conspiracy being dropped for the Bundy Militia’s armed take over a wildlife refuge in Oregon. This decision came on the same day of the raid of Sacred Ground Camp October 27, 2016. A literal slap in the face and also proof of the systemic racism that exists here in Amerikkka. It is abundantly clear to the world that amerikkka and corporations will stop at nothing, even murder, to extract resources for profit.

As the situation stands, the Army Corps of Engineers has taken preventative action in collaboration with the Police to stop the building of any further encampments on their land which is actually the land of the Lakota People according to the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851. Many people were depending on the Army Corps and “their” land to make some kind of a stand, however we should remember that this is the same agency who flooded the Allegany Territory of the Seneca Nation destroying the people’s homesteads and longhouse. Their history is full of negatively impacting Native people and our lands.

Ever since contact the main objective of the colonizing society has been land theft and genocide, this is a living legacy that is still being played out today in 2016, all across the so called Amerikkkas resource extraction has dominated the narrative of our People. We are tired of being ignored and the time has come to rise up, we are living history right now. We need all warriors and strong hearts to the frontlines to stand with us, this is not only about the Water, it is about our inherent rights and responsibility to protect the sacred and to ensure the continuity of the future generations.

Water is Sacred, Land is Sacred, the grandchildren of the future deserve a legacy of clean water and healthy lands. We have to do everything in our power and beyond to make sure we are being good ancestors and good people, the Earth is our Mother, we must protect her as fiercely as the Mothers who bore us into this world. The Creator has given us this duty and we must never forget that when we pray for victory that means the defeat of our enemies, we ask no one to make the choices we do or take the risks we do but we do ask for respect and support as we do this work.

Capitalism and Corporations must not be given any more power over our People, this country is full of people who do not see seven generations forward but we do, and a diversity of tactics must be used to defeat the Black Snake, from the political to the social to the prayerful, and direct action. Never in history has any battle for liberation by the people been won without hard choices between personal safety and the greater good, we choose the greater good.

In The Spirit Of Crazy Horse
Red Warrior Camp ~ West Coast Women Warriors Media Cooperative



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