Kahnawake closes train tracks in solidarity with Standing Rock


A small group of people from Kahnawake set up a camp near the base of the Mercier Bridge to Montreal to protest the Dakota Access pipeline earlier this week. (Charles Contant/CBC)

by Greg Horn, Kahnawake News, November 4, 2016

for five hours on Thursday night into Friday morning the Canadian Pacific Rail tracks through Kahnawake were closed at Adirondack Junction. About 75 Kahnawa’kehró:non from all sectors of the community gathered along side the train tracks from 9 p.m. until 2 a.m., as a show of solidarity and support of the people in Standing Rock fighting against the Dakota Access Pipeline.
“Kanien’kehá:ka women at Kahnawake are carrying out their duties to our mother and we have given consent to the men to stand in defense of our Mother Earth and our relatives at Standing Rock, who are on the front lines to protect our sacred water for millions of people,” a statement release by the People’s Fire said. “We stand with the Lakota elders, families and supporters, who are being threatened and abused by the militarized police in their homeland in North Dakota. There is injustice that is transpiring by the government to protect the corporations with complete disregard to environmental disasters that will proceed their decision to install the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Canadian and American governments have neglected their obligations to protect the people that they represent and we are standing for their safety as well.”

The statement also says that the women have identified a link between the trains that travel through Kahnawake on the CP rail and the origins “from Standing Rock of the Bakken crude oil that is extracted from North and South Dakota.” The statement also says that 85 percent of the railways are not designed to transport heavy crude oil and doing so puts people at risk.

“The railroad community through residential areas at Kahnawake and the Kanien’kehá:ka fear a Lac Megantic disaster will re-occur,” the statement said. “The disaster erupted 262 km after travelling through our territory. An explosion in July 2013 levelled the town, killing 47 people and injured civilians. This time bomb is preventable and together, we have the will to stop this. There are many alternatives to avoid man-made environmental disasters and we demand that safe alternatives are sough by the oil corporations.”


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  1. S-cuk Shon (Tucson, AZ) stands with Kahnawake! stands with Sacred Water Camp (FL) stands with Standing rock stands with…put your direct local action here!

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