Video: How Turkish rebels deal with water cannons

Turkish police storm Taksim square in Istanbul, in 2013, in an effort to dislodge a protester encampment.  This water cannon was disabled with a Molotov cocktail.


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  1. Standing rock is a poor front line. Frankly, from what I have been told by indigenous people on the ground, hardly a NDN in any positions of power. Standing rock is a Euro colonial, dances with wolves wet dream. Millennial euros giving each other NDN names and ordering indigenous people to respect indigenous tradition, seems to be a reality for many in camp. Our brothers and sisters south of the border simple do not stand a chance against the savagery of American colonials. The Indigenous in Canada could put down this colonial dog in an afternoon if we had courage. Sadly, the violence perpetrated by Euro colonial police goes unanswered. The Saskatchewan farmer that put the barrel of his gun to the head of an indigenous teen and pulled the trigger goes unanswered. The poisoning of our people by colonial industry goes unanswered. Of course, it is possible that doing nothing is an answer. Are we a defeated people, pretending that living a Euro life while wearing regalia is a win? Are we still here, if we claim some European imagined blood quantum is the measure of us?

    Standing rock is an act of war against the 1851 Laramie Treaty. Scotiabank, TorontoDominion and RoyalBankCanada have hired a colonial military force to take indigenous land. The pipeline being finished or not, does not change the fact that these Euro colonials have once again declared war on our people. What price will they pay for this attack?

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