Protesters and NGO’s deliver supplies to Sheriff’s department


Members of the International Indigenous Youth Council drop off donations of Gatorade and other supplies to Morton County Sheriff’s Department.

I have mixed feelings over this one.  When I first heard about this, my first thought was that , as far as I knew, Crazy Horse or Sitting Bull didn’t give supplies to the US Cavalry.  Watching some of the video, I could see the value of this action as a public shaming of the Morton County Sheriff’s Department, who put out a request for public donations of supplies after having swallowed up millions of dollars in policing costs. 

While the sheriff’s may have done this to gain (or display) a high level of public support for their actions against #NoDAPL protesters, it may also be the result of a severely strained budget which is negatively impacting their officers.

And considering the fact that any supplies provided to the sheriff’s would allow them to allocate more resources towards purchasing additional less-lethal ammunition, let’s say, it’s definitely an action that seems intuitively illogical.

The reason the Sheriff’s requested items such as batteries, Gatorade and breakfast bars is because these provide their officers with energy, energy they need to carry out the violent repression of the anti-pipeline movement.

Like, maybe they could have just dropped off some bottled water they collected from the Missouri River or something…

International Indigenous Youth Council gives peace offering to law enforcement

By Max Grossfeld, KFYR TV,

While the Dakota Access Pipeline protests have been contentious and even dangerous at times, a group of young demonstrators is trying to de-escalate the situation.

Several weeks ago, law enforcement dealing with DAPL protests sent out a list of goods they could use if the community would like to donate them.

The International Indigenous Youth Council saw that list and decided to use it as an opportunity for de-escalation. Lead by the council, demonstrators dropped off Gatorade, water, batteries, breakfast bars and more.

The teens said they wanted the police to know they have compassion for all people and all walks of life.

“As American citizens, as the good American citizens that we are, we went ahead and we supplied them with that. We gave them water because water is life,” says Thomas Lopez Jr., IIYC member.

We reached out to the Morton County Sheriff’s Department who declined to comment on camera. Instead, they directed us to a Facebook post that read:

“Thank you to the members of the International Indigenous Youth Council who stopped by with gifts of supplies and snacks for our employees. Your kindness and support is very much appreciated!”

Water Protectors Deliver Donations to Morton County Officers

December 2, 2016

Jade Begay, 505-699-4791,

Mandan, ND – On Friday December 2nd at approximately 2pm CST Water Protectors from Oceti Sakowin camp will fulfill a donation list that the Morton County Sheriff’s Department released on November 22, 2016.

The Oceti Sakowin headsman will join veterans, youth, and women leaders and stand with Leonard Crow Dog who will offer a prayer as Protectors deliver the supplies to the Sheriff’s Department in Mandan, ND.

Water Protectors offer these donations to the Morton County officers in generosity and compassion, despite the aggression and hostility they have shown innocent unarmed Protectors of this camp.

The following is a join statement from the Indigenous Environmental Network and the Indigenous Peoples Power Project :

“North Dakota taxpayers have already bankrolled the Morton County Sheriff Department with approximately 10 million dollars for the suppression of peaceful water protectors. Despite this excessive financial support, Morton County officers are asking taxpayers to donate supplies.

The Oceti Sakowin camp is a prayer camp, and a resilient, self-sufficient community. The camp is full of abundance– in spirit, in humanity, and in resources. Oceti Sakowin has enough to share. Generosity is an original teaching for the Lakota.”

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