Fundraising Appeal for the Secwepemc’ulecw Assembly

Secwepemc no kinder morganAll settler comrades, friends and allies,
Elders and women from the Secwepemc nation are hosting a nation-wide
Secwepemc’ulecw Assembly on the land in June. The goals of the Assembly
are to discuss and take action under Secwepemc law against colonial
corporate development impacting Secwepemc’ulecw without Collective
Consent.One of the imminent concerns is to resist Kinder Morgan’s pipeline
expansion. The Assembly will be taking place on the land close to where
the pipeline is proposed to cross. The LARGEST Indigenous territory that
Kinder Morgan crosses is in fact Secwepemc territory. The pipeline would
carry 900,000 barrels a day of diluted bitumen through 518 km of Secwepemc

This Assembly is rooted in the vision of beloved Secwepemc leader Arthur
Manuel. Shortly before he passed away, he wrote to Prime Minister Justin
Trudeau: “We do not accept that the federal government can make this
decision unilaterally and without the prior informed consent of the
Secwepemc people as the rightful titleholders… Any leakage would
immediately threaten the pacific salmon who spawn in the Thompson and
Fraser River basins. It is not surprising that most Secwepemc people are
in complete solidarity with the Water Protectors from Standing Rock North
Dakota. Our waters are also sacred.”

Secwepemc women, elders and nation members are volunteering their time,
energy and labour to host this assembly. They write, “The Secwepemc
peoples’ have survived the impacts of colonialism (disease, residential
schools, the Indian Act) and maintain our original instructions to look
after the water, plants, and animals.”


As settlers, our responsibilities must also be unwavering and unequivocal
– to support Indigenous Peoples affirming collective Indigenous law over
their territories. As settlers and organizations, we daily materially
benefit from living and working on lands that are unjustly seized and

One concrete way to support is to financially resource this grassroots
effort. ** We suggest all settlers donate at least one day of their wage
or whatever you can contribute to resourcing this Assembly. ** The
fundraising goal is $15,000 for food, tents, gas and transportation costs,
elders lodging, sound equipment and more.

Etransfer funds to:
Question: What is this for?
Password: Assembly.

or Cheques to Janice Billy, Treasurer, George Manuel Institute, Unit B –
5836 Trans Canada Highway, Chase, BC, V0E 1M0.

Deadline: May 26, 2017

Everyone also email if you are sending an etransfer or
cheque with the amount being sent and if and how you would like to be
included in the list of thank yous.

Thank you for contributing to this struggle and strengthening collective
Secwepemc governance. Share this far and wide.

For more information, contact:
April Thomas, Community Coordinator (Northern Secwepemc)
Miranda Dick, Community Coordinator (Southern Secwepemc)
Dr Janice Billy, Treasurer, George Manuel Institute
Kanahus Manuel, Secewepemc Women’s Warrior Society
Dawn Morrison, Working Group on Indigenous Food Sovereignty

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