LNG Canada to start moving into Haisla Centre

Haisla LNG building

LNG Canada executive committee and Haisla Nation Council members following a walk-through of the Haisla Centre in May. Photo Cameron Orr

The units will only be for accommodating existing staff members

Gerry Leibel, Northern Sentinel, June 21, 2017

LNG Canada staff will this summer move into the recently completed Haisla Centre in Kitimat.

Haisla Nation Communications Co-ordinator Cameron Orr said LNG Canada holds a 10-year lease for the building, which was signed between the Haisla Nation Council and LNG Canada in 2015.

“This building is entirely residential. However, there are future plans for the site which will include commercial construction,” said Orr.

A final walkthrough of the 49-room building by the LNG Canada executive committee was conducted in May, paving the way for the beginning of occupation of the units.

Orr said the Haisla Centre’s completion was part of efforts being taken in the region to create a foundation for a Final Investment Decision for liquefied natural gas proponents in Haisla traditional territory.

He didn’t have a figure on the final building costs for the centre, but said “it was built to the highest standards to rival any new similar construction in the province, from here to Vancouver”.

LNG Canada communications advisor Kirsten Walker said LNG Canada has leased 49 units which would accommodate LNG Canada staff and contractors currently based in Kitimat.

“At this time we do not expect any new staff in Kitimat. We are currently reviewing Request for Proposals (RFP) for demolition of the methanol tanks on our proposed project site,” said Walker. “We have also issued an RFP for the entire main plant engineering, procurement and construction scope.”



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