NoCanada.Info website up and running

no canada website logoA new website focusing on resistance against Canada’s 150th year anniversary celebrations is up and running.  you can check it out at:

Here’s a message from the comrades who’ve set the site up:Hey friends,

After a few months of all kinds of logistical hiccups and nearly everything going wrong, is finally online and (mostly) functioning!
Things are pretty sparse right now but we’ll be adding a lot more content and hammering out some kinks over the next couple weeks; but for now you can check it out at Also, after inhaling way too much toner and spending way too much money on postage, there are now about 50,000 stickers promoting the website in circulation in over 30 towns across the so-called canadian state, even Iqaluit!
While we’ve got some decent stickering promotion going, please feel encouraged to spread stuff around social media (we’ve had our hands tied with some things and haven’t been able to give this the push it deserves).
Lastly, if you or people you know have contributions or ideas or thoughts on how to make this project useful or relevant, please let us know.


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