No Line 3 Graphic

21246398_808363559370722_1653381358589431561_oby Jackie Fawn Illustrations, September 2, 2017
Hey fam! It’s been getting real all over turtle Island with all of these disasters and heartbreaking events. We must all rise up and stand for the water, if not for ourselves for those who can’t stand or speak. If you can’t open your eyes to the global changes, then this art is for you as well as for the others who need to know or who are taking charge in stopping the construction of pipelines, rigs, and all that destroys the natural world.

I am taking a break from getting into physical action and taking care of my health so that I may get back out there to take a stand with my brothers in sisters who are putting their lives on the line for us. So while I’m back at the drawing board, I’ll be pushing myself to learn more and create more. C:

I’ve teamed up with awesome warriors of the legal team to create this tee design to help start raising funds to keep our water protectors out on the front lines to stop the construction of Line 3!!!!

This illustration is of a water warrior heading out into fields which give the people life, the Manoomin (Ojibwe wild rice), to battle the forces that threaten the water and the sacred ways. She heads out with little she has (a dagger, her canoe, and her spirit) is protected by the stars and moon and she will protect what was blessed upon the earth for the coming generations to experience.

I will update the link with the shirt when out C: Please share and support your resistance camps, water protectors taking a stand, and find ways you can support your needs with less in life. C:

Check out Stop Line 3 for updates and ways you can support our warriors!

#waterislife #noline3 #stopkindermorgan #stopthetarsands #warriorsrising #waterprotector #landdefender #defendthesacred #sacredlandsinnativehands #keepitintheground #bsk


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