Moricetown band set to change name


Part of a mural in the Moricetown community hall.

Posted by Jacob LeBlanc, CFNR Radio,  September 21, 2017

Moricetown band members will now get to say a familiar name as the village is changing their name.

Victor Jim is the newly elected chief and as one of his first acts in office was to return the name of their village to its original name, Witset.

This was suggested almost 4 years ago in a Council meeting and has been a popular notion since then.

Moricetown father-Adrien morice

Father Adrien Morice, who named the village of Moricetown after himself.

Lucy Gagnon is the Executive Director of the Band and she says the council is only required to sign an official band council resolution and send it to Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada for approval, Once approved, the village can begin changing overall signage.

Gagnon adds it’s important to remember the culture of the village.

Once this historic motion passes, councilors commented they would also like to change the names of local rivers and lakes that were renamed by Father Morice.


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