Enbridge spurs raid on environmentalist group Stand’s Vancouver offices to seize assets

Enbridge Stand raid 1by Derrick Penner, Vancouver Sun, October 17, 2017

The environmental organization Stand reports that bailiffs showed up at its downtown Vancouver office this morning with orders on behalf of Enbridge to seize assets related to a 2014 Federal Court of Appeal judgment that awarded the pipeline giant court costs.

The organization’s campaigns director Karen Mahon said Enbridge was an intervener in a court action that Stand had taken against the National Energy Board arguing that the public was being excluded from its review process of Enbridge’s Line 9 reversal project.

Stand, which goes by the name of its internet presence Stand.earth, lost that case, Mahon said, but since then the NEB has admitted its review process of pipeline projects isn’t adequate and the organization didn’t expect the multi-billion corporation to come after it for some $14,000 in costs.

“They’re not after the $14,000,” Mahon argued, “this is an act of bullying and intimidation,” against environmental organizations and climate activists.

Mahon said the bailiffs showed up with a copy of a 2016 Federal Court of Appeal judgment awarding Enbridge costs and a notice of seizure.

“We had never heard from them until today when two (bailiffs) showed up at the office and said they are going to take our computers, our desks, our microwave oven and our water cooler, which is about all we have,” Mahon said.

Mahon said Stand’s lawyers have advised the group that bailiffs can’t seize its computers since they contain confidential files and other personal information, but bailiffs have taken pictures of their office’s contents and are waiting for them to return with a moving van.

In the meantime, Mahon said Stand has refused to pay the costs on principle arguing that the organization launched its case to intervene on behalf of the public interest.


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