Olympia solidarityFor the last 10 days, an encampment has been blocking the train tracks
that lead out of the Port of Olympia, preventing fracking proppants from
being sent to North Dakota and Wyoming. In addition to standing in the
way of capitalism and environmental destruction, the blockade has
created an opening in which we can interact in new, liberated ways. We
have made many new friends, deepened existing relationships, and
experienced the joy in sharing our lives without regard for profit.

We wish to send greetings and express solidarity with Indigenous
resistance to capitalist expansion across Turtle Island. From the lands
of the Nisqually and Squaxin tribes, to the shores of the Wedzin Kwah on
Unist’ot’en Territory, to the walls of the Tiny House Warriors of
Secwepemc Territory, to the Mi’kmaq struggle on the Gaspesie Peninsula,
we wish to acknowledge and honor those whose land we currently fight on
and those who fight against the industrial mega-machine alongside us,
near and far. Our fight against fracking proppants is also a fight
against LNG pipelines, Keystone Oil, and many more; but more broadly the
struggle against extractivist industry is a struggle against

A Freedom of Information Act request revealed that last year’s week-long
rail blockade cost oil giant Halliburton two fracking operations, and in
turn Halliburton severed ties with the Port of Olympia. While we do not
wish to see the Port of Olympia transition to some sort of greenwashed
“progressive” capitalism – merely polishing that giant turd of
colonization – we celebrate the sheer level of chaos and impact on
Halliburton. Sometimes it feels as though no attack on capitalism or the
state will ever be enough to cause any real damage, but it’s moments
like these that remind us that the death machine is more vulnerable than
we might think.

Warm greetings to everyone searching for the cracks in leviathan’s
For total freedom,
-some guests on the southern tip of the Salish Sea

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