We killed it: Australia Day is officially dead


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  1. Who were the first invaders? The Negritos? No. They were the first custodians of this land. The Murrayians, possibly. They, along with the later Carpentarians displaced the Negritos till all that were left were a small remnant in the rainforests of Queensland and the inhabitants of Tasmania. Invasion is not a recent phenomenon in Australia, it was done before by your ancestors.

    ‘Moreover, the moral appeal of the activists’ case would have been weakened by the notion that there had been several waves of Aboriginal migrants, each of whom had violently dispossessed the other. Rather than a story of aggressive white imperialists disrupting an arcadian Aboriginal people living in harmony with one another and their environment, the long term history of Australian habitation would have resembled more that of humanity at large where the stronger have pushed aside the weaker, irrespective of the colour of either side. Hence, instead of a simple moral tale of goodies and baddies, the history of this continent would have reflected more the hard reality of the human condition everywhere.’

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