Arrests at DFO office over fish farm protest

From Noah Stewart via Facebook, March 1, 2018

Today, three indigenous womxn were arrested outside of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans office on unceded WSANEC territory. Two are currently being held overnight at the Saanich Police station. If you are able, please please show up to show we care. We will be holding space there tonight. In addition, people are asked to come down to the DFO office, 4250 Commerce Circle, beginning first thing in the morning tomorrow for continued presence as previously planned.
After 30 years of sustained indigenous opposition to the illegal fish farms in their territory, and several months of peaceful but determined occupation, government bodies continue to blatantly ignore their urgent demands. With no other clear choices or options, Tsastilqualus Umbas, Shawna Green, and one other took a stand today in solidarity with the nations and hereditary leaders who are asserting their rights, and requiring that immediate action be taken to remove highly illegal, and extremely bio-hazardous fish farm operations from their unceded waters. Please take the time to view and share this video, and follow up with ways that you can support. The government should not be allowed to turn a blind eye to this emergency situation which involves the direct violation of indigenous traditional laws, human rights laws, and environmental policies alike. Support these courageous womxn and the salmon of this coast.

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