Red Fawn Fallis Sentenced to 57 Months in Federal Prison

Bismarck, ND – Red Fawn Fallis, a political prisoner arrested during the movement to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, was sentenced today in federal court by Judge Daniel Hovland. Fallis was sentenced to 57 months (4.75 years) in federal prison. She will receive a credit of 18 months ‘time served’ taken off of her sentence, from time spent in North Dakota jails before trial proceedings began. Fallis is expected to serve a total of 39 months in prison followed by 3 years probation.

In January 2018, Fallis entered a non-cooperating plea agreement in which prosecutors agreed to seek a sentence of less than seven years. In exchange, she pleaded guilty to charges of ‘Civil Disorder’ and ‘Possession of a Firearm and Ammunition by a Convicted Felon.’

Red Fawn and her supporters had previously maintained her innocence, and had stated that Fallis accepted the plea deal under the assumption that she would not receive a fair trial due to prosecutors withholding evidence.

Judge Hovland had forbidden Fallis’ defense team from mentioning treaty rights or other issues related to her arrest at anti-pipeline protests near the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s reservation border.

The case against Red Fawn had centered around allegations she fired a gun during her arrest on October 27, 2016, when a massive police and military raid seized indigenous treaty lands on behalf of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The gun allegedly fired by Fallis was later revealed to have belonged to Heath Harmon, an undercover FBI informant who was romantically involved with Red Fawn at the time of her arrest.

Before she was sentenced by Judge Hovland, Red Fawn Fallis told the court,

“No matter where I go from here I am going to continue going forward…I wanted to move forward in a positive way away from Heath Harmon and the things he tried to put on me while I was trying to push him away.” – Red Fawn Fallis

In May, Michael “Little Feather” Giron was sentenced to 36 months in federal prison for actions taken to defend pipeline resistance camps from police assault. Several other water protectors still face federal charges, with potential sentences of decades in prison, stemming from their participation in the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline.


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  1. How can we send her letters of support or money for her stay in federal prison? What a shame – entrapment by FBI, unjust judicial system, and more.
    Then send her to horrible institution. This
    Reveals how terrible 1st Nations /Water protectors are mistreated.
    But shows how dedicated 1st Nations/ Water Protectors are to saving lives, Earth, and generations to come. Thank you [Wad]
    Wado for your reporting.
    Zan, Cherokee

  2. Keep staying positive Red Fawn. 💖 daily prayers are with you and our fight to save mother Earth and our father Sky! 💖 …..much repect and honour

  3. Decades in prison for interfering with a pipeline. Lifetime of leasure for corruption and treason in the White House. Ain’t that America?

  4. Abdul Fritz vonJuniper

    Should have been a straightforward thing.

    Energy Transfer Partners LP, Phillips 66, Enbridge and Marathon should have asked if it was ok to run a pipeline through those peoples’ land. When the people said they prefered not to have the pipeline on that land, it should have been the end. Who can argue against that? Should a company with money be able to do as they like in your house, only because they have money?

    Instead the investors got the FBI and various state agencies as hired muscle to enforce the interests of those companies.

  5. Horrendous that she was not allowed to raise treaty rights.

    I hope that victims of undercover infiltration are sharing notes internationally- here’s a useful group if you haven’t “met” already.

  6. Mrs. Brenda M. Rain-Bird

    From Paul Band Alberta Canada, I love you. Every thing that came to you was for what we all want for the people. Its so sad the judge is not even thinking of that. We need water to survive but money talks I was told. I pray with you. Water is life and the dummies should dummy up and help save it. May you be okay.

  7. She should have left the gun alone.

  8. Water protectors, how can we help? water is sacred, and so are our children in resistance. Sorry this beautiful girl will get no justice. We stand together, and will fight for her in this corrupt system

  9. I would like to support her while in prison. This is an injustice.

  10. How can you charge a girl with a gun if it was planted on her by an FBI agent. This is so fucking stupid omg…

  11. Patricia Wagner

    The government has taken so much from our people. To protect our water is our right. To protect our land, our Mother Earth. Then they give us big jail terms. And put good people in jail. They pay no attention to our sovereign rights as native people. Isn’t it enough that we live in poverty with lost language and culture that has been stripped from us? The judicial system is so poor for natives. We never get a fair trial.

  12. The system is biased and protesting is a waste of time. Find the loopholes before they plug them.

  13. She can’t play a victim when she herself was making bad decisions.

  14. Graham Turvill

    What sort of country behaves in such an illegal way without any consideration to law and then has the audacity to impose long prison sentences to those that dare protest against that outrage? . Apart from Israel not many. Land of the free arse!, more like Land of racist corporate fascism

  15. For some time now I’ve been encouraging my children to emigrate to New Zealand. There are numerous reasons for this but an important one is the relative treatment of all people with no regard for race, origins, etc.

  16. This is a tragedy! People think things are so different because it’s 2018. It may as well still be the 17th, and 18th centuries. They never change!

  17. Bonnie Hardinger

    You mean to tell me they had under cover agents giving weapons to the supporters! Not good!!! Sage blessings n prayers for you Fawn….💗

  18. Ben A. Trujillo

    I guess I don’t understand. What has happened to the water? Is it gone? Is it no longer potable? What did they do to the water?

  19. Suzie Gilbert

    White man can do what ever they want. It’s not right

  20. You know i hate the white man laws that only benefit them and to take away someones life for this long for protecting mother earth? Dont worry mother earth will deal with you and shame on you! And noticed alot of judges have no culture always following their bible and maybe you should all read it? Cause up to the very first day you people invaded and killed murdered and molested and raped women children men of our people we didnt have no bible but our own culture and so keep it cause you even broke your own laws on it! But this protector should be released !

  21. Irene Auginaush

    This is wrong, oir treaties should have been allowed in this case.

  22. Everyone is illegal on stolen land. When are we going to stop allowing the government from treating us all like dogs. We are not their fucking property to lock away in a box. Getting seriously tired of this shit!

  23. Joanie croteau

    Trump needs to pardon these people ASAP. I have more respect for their freedom to demonstrate on the pipeline whether I agree or not than anybody acting out on the advice of Maxine waters and people on the Soros payroll for disruption and violence under the guise of liberalism and their freedom to act like assholes.
    Example: Portland art gallery depicting a decapitated head of state and it’s a felony. NOTHING HAPPENS!!!

  24. Lauryn Galindo

    Sending respect & gratitude for your presence at the protest. Kindly advise how we may send money during your incarceration. Keep the faith..prayers are flowing your way from Hawaii.

  25. She will receive a credit of 18 months ‘time served’ taken off of her sentence, from time spent in North Dakota jails before trial proceedings began. So she was lock up BEFORE she went to trial…Jezze P. Christ…I see a movie deal here….

  26. Estilita Grimaldo

    We are living in an authoritarian state. Face itv And with the help of a foreign power. How could this have happened? Why are we allowing it?

  27. Yesterday’s warriors are gone, these are today’s warriors!

  28. Yesterday’s warriors are gone, these are today’s warriors!

  29. Laurella Desborough

    Remember, it is common practice for federal authorities to “set up” people to do illegal stuff so they can arrest them! This happens with all sorts of issues…from muslim “terrorists” to “snake smuggling” from other countries, to drug and gun deals. That way the authorities are sure to have a “criminal” to catch…and earn their salaries!

  30. I am so sorry that this injustice is still happening. There are not words that can describe the hurt. Will change come in time for Mother Earth?

  31. It’s become a crime to stand up for what you believe in. What’s happened to my country?

  32. It’s become a crime to stand up for what you believe in. Crooked cops are now part of the fabric. What’s happened to my country?

  33. Appears from what I love read here she was victim of a set up and get own poor decisions. Perhaps she can receive a pardon if she wants one.

    • Plenty of self righteousness indignation about what is “ours” Etc. Let us not forget wars were fought over the land in question. Not to many just rolled over and surrendered. Indian tribes declared war on one another before Europeans and others showed up. Treaties were signed and broken by Indian nations and the U.S. It’s too bad the animosity cannot be put to rest forever and peace can had. Water rights and guaranteeing clean potable water for all as well as the ability to provide opportunities for industry can be negotiated hopefully one day rather than continually fighting one another.

  34. This hurts the heart of any Indigenous American supporter like a perpetual “Wounded Knee” massacre. ‘(

  35. “kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui” Be strong. Our karakia is with you Red Dawn.You are an inspiration to us in New Zealand. We are protesting against our government for control of business on our lands. Soon they will be drilling and we will have the same problems as you.

  36. Maxwell S Bogart

    Frk’n judges & da’s… Still Scumbags

  37. It is outrageous and disturbing that judges can tell defendants what they can and can’t say in their defense!. Our right to defend ourselves in court has been voided by judges!

  38. Ariella ingraffia

    I hope she can get a retrial under a different judge that seems so unfair

  39. WELL you think you have EQUAL JUSTICE in America, YOU are WRONG. This is a disgrace, and american judicial system is a joke, if we has equal justice; trump and sessions would be in jail. the Law-enforcement is evil who brought these charges, definitely entrapment, evil; welcome to the new “banana republic” Period

  40. Wrong people being tried and convicted.

  41. Dewayne Craig


  42. What practical help can I give?

  43. The fact that the pipeline us leaking oil into the lands they tried to protect… Means anyone trying to persecute them are criminally corrupt

  44. Once again Amerrika fails to honor Indian treaty agreements!

  45. Reblogged this on oldgymrat71 and commented:
    The US has a long negative history of not keeping its word.

  46. Peaceful Assembly invaded by illegal violent govt stooges, who V now have backing of blind liberty and justice. Situation needs impartial intervention, damages awarded to wronged party

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