RCMP break down gate at Gidimt’en camp checkpoint; 12 reported arrested

unistoten gidumt'en rcmp 5

RCMP including what appear to be Emergency Response Team (ERT) members climbing over main gate at Gidimt’en camp checkpoint Jan 7, 2019.  12 people have been reported arrested. Photo by Michael Toledano.

Coastal GasLink pipeline meant to transport natural gas to coast


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  1. Journalists that investigate financial records of NGO and Non-Profits, and prove that much of this activism is actually being funded by US and Saudi Energy companies, will probably be rewarded for good journalism. Follow the funding.

    • Show us the money then… or is this just conspiracy theories?

      • Vivian Krause.

      • Oh you mean the big mouth for the oil industry?
        “Vivian Krause is a controversial researcher and writer critical of Canada’s environmental charities. Krause claims American foundations are exercising foreign influence over Canada’s non-profit sector through their funding. Krause uses her research to attack the credibility of environmental groups advocating for forest conservation, First Nations rights, climate action and democratic participation in natural resource development, especially the Alberta oilsands and proposed pipelines.

        Many of the environmental organizations attacked by Krause have been audited by the Canada Revenue Agency, something Krause takes credit for on her resume. Although she claims to be an independent researcher and writer, Krause has received significant funding in the form of speaking fees and honorariums from the oil, gas and mining industries with more than 90 per cent of her income in 2012, 2013 and 2014 coming from these sources.”

  2. Catherine Garrioch

    Rcmp again following their orders by their government enforcing corporation greed oppression n violence towards mother earth n mankind but the protectors of the land n life itself in this world have greater power because God is on their side the mandate of our indigenous people God bless our protector s as they are doing what they have to in order for their people to survive in this world n for all mankind with dignity n respect 🙏🙏🙏

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