Coastal GasLink stops work on pipeline in northern B.C. due to trappers accessing animal traps

unistoten 2019 cops bulldozer

RCMP officers look on as contractors pass through their roadblock as supporters of the Unist’ot’en camp and Wet’suwet’en First Nation gather at a camp fire off a logging road near Houston, B.C., on Jan. 9. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chad Hipolito)

Company blames shutdown on hunters accessing animal traps within work boundaries


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  1. When you look up the word decolonization, google gives you the definition of the word as well as decolonization, Canadian definition. There is no such thing as a Canadian definition. This is a load of shit shovelled by the decolonization industry. An industry made up of governments and influencer Indigenous people. These influencers also talk shit about cultural genocide. Murray Sinclair pulled this phrase out his ass. It was rejected by the U.N. as a phrase with no meaning. There is only genocide, attacks on culture is right in the definition of genocide. These things are government speak, used by Indigenous influencers to gaslight Indigenous people.

    The Canadian government does not have a deed for Wet’suwet’en territory. The RCMP entering that territory and forcing people out of their homes is genocide, period. Removing Indigenous children is genocide, period. Refusing to fund Indigenous language training is genocide, period. Residential school was an act of genocide, period.

    Decolonization is the action or process of a state withdrawing from a former colony, leaving it independent, period. There is no Indigenous leader in this country that is talking decolonization. From pipeline Perry to Camo pantsuit Palmater, the only word is integration. The feds are in the process of offloading Indigenous people onto the provinces, where we will become municipal governments. This will force families apart and scatter FN bands to the wind, also an act of genocide. Burn it or watch government and Indigenous Influencers integrate you right back to the shack at the edge of the town garbage dump, again!

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