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RCMP watchdog’s probe into review of northern B.C. policing thwarted by poor record keeping

RCMP car logoAgency looked at reports of public intoxication, missing persons, domestic violence and strip searches

By Alison Crawford, CBC News, Feb 15, 2017

The RCMP’s federal watchdog has found that nearly half of the missing persons reports in northern British Columbia fail to show that Mounties investigated cases quickly or thoroughly.

It’s one of the findings of the self-initiated report by the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP, which is looking into how Mounties do their jobs in the 35 detachments in B.C.’s North District.

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FBI terrorism taskforce investigating Standing Rock activists

fbi-terror-task-forceFBI representatives have contacted several ‘water protectors’, raising alarm that an indigenous-led movement is being construed as domestic terrorism

by Sam Levin, The Guardian, Feb 10, 2017

The FBI is investigating political activists campaigning against the Dakota Access pipeline, diverting agents charged with preventing terrorist attacks to instead focus their attention on indigenous activists and environmentalists.

The Guardian has established that multiple officers within the FBI’s joint terrorism taskforce have attempted to contact at least three people tied to the Standing Rock “water protector” movement in North Dakota.

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D.C. police demand Facebook hand over data on Trump protesters


Black bloc participants smash corporate property in Washington, DC, during Trump’s presidential inauguration on Jan 20, 2017.

The D.C. police department subpoenaed Facebook for information regarding several protesters arrested while demonstrating against the inauguration of President Donald Trump on Jan. 20. Read the rest of this entry

Racism and discrimination “rampant” throughout ranks and elements of Canadian Armed Forces says report


Canadian Forces soldiers from 3 PPCLI train in urban combat in Poland, 2014.

by Dennis Ward, APTN National News, Jan 19, 2017

A report by the Defence Aboriginal Advisory Group says racism and discrimination “is a systemic issue” within Canadian Armed Forces that is “rampant throughout all ranks of elements of Land, Air Force and Navy” and the issue is serious enough that an external review is imminent. Read the rest of this entry

Canadian police hit by major computer network outage

RCMP car logo‘It’s like flying blind,’ 1 frontline RCMP officer said about computer outage

By Alison Crawford, CBC News Jan 19, 2017

The failure of a critical core computer network device prevented Mounties and other police agencies including the Toronto Police Service from accessing a critical computer program they need to do their jobs called the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database. Read the rest of this entry

Delta police use GPS darts to track fleeing vehicles, say they’re first in Canada


A GPS tracking device attached to a license plate. The projectile has a sponge on the head which has a strong adhesive.

‘Everything worked as it should’ in initial use of system designed to cut risk of pursuits

By Bal Brach, CBC News January 12, 2017

Eight Delta police vehicles have been equipped with GPS dart technology that allows officers to attach a tracking projectile onto a suspect vehicle that fails to stop.

According to spokeswoman Sharlene Brooks, more than 70 vehicles tried to evade police in the Vancouver suburb last year. Read the rest of this entry

Video: Anti-Riot Shield

Know your enemy! A video demonstrating the strength of the ESP (Euro Safety Products) anti-riot shield.  Made of high strength polycarbonate plastic, this shield can take a lot of abuse.  Part of this strength arises from the ability to spread the impact from weapons across the face of the shield (a feature common to most shields, including ancient ones that have a rawhide leather covering).

Police seek more telecom surveillance powers


“Give us the passwords… counter-surveillance is futile!”

Rogers, TekSavvy and others say the government hasn’t justified why it needs expanded digital powers

By Matthew Braga, CBC News, Dec 20, 2016

Rogers, TekSavvy, and a consortium of Canadian information technology companies are pushing back against proposed changes to Canada’s national security legislation. Read the rest of this entry

Police officer under investigation over Facebook comments back at work in Thunder Bay, Ont.


Graphic: APTN National News.

Police chief responsible for decision about officer’s return to work, Ontario’s police watchdog says

By Jody Porter, CBC News, December 16, 2016

The suspension is over, but the investigation continues into the conduct of a Thunder Bay police officer who posted offensive comments on Facebook in September.

Thunder Bay police confirmed on Thursday that Const. Rob Steudle returned to work this week, on administrative duties.  Read the rest of this entry

Canadian special forces get new ultra light vehicles


Polaris will be providing its DAGOR vehicle to the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command, or CANSOFCOM.

by David Pugliese, Ottawa Citizen, December 15, 2016

Canada’s special forces will be receiving a fleet of new combat vehicles that resemble a dune buggy on steroids.  The vehicle, designed with the help of NASCAR engineers, will be able to carry up to nine commandos.  Polaris Industries of the U.S. has been awarded the $20 million contract to deliver 78 of what Canadian special forces are calling the Ultra Light Combat Vehicle or ULCV. Read the rest of this entry