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Mexican police brutally attack Oaxaca’s striking teachers

Oaxaca riot cops busTen years after the Oaxaca Commune of 2006, teachers in the Mexican state are back on the barricades — and once again the state responds with brute force.

by Scott Campbell, ROAR Magazine, June 21, 2016

in a statement released on Friday, June 17, the Zapatistas posed the following questions regarding the ongoing national teachers’ strike in Mexico:
“They have beaten them, gassed them, imprisoned them, threatened them, fired them unjustly, slandered them, and declared a de facto state-of-siege in Mexico City. What’s next? Will they disappear them? Will they murder them? Seriously? The ‘education’ reform will be born upon the blood and cadavers of the teachers?”
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Elsipogtog facing overcrowding crisis due to housing shortage

Elsipogtog overcrowded housing

Packed into living rooms and sleeping on sofas, people in Elsipogtog are crammed into two and three-bedroom homes, waiting for more housing to be built. (CBC)

Elders, councillors say First Nation is facing a housing crisis as families are packed into small houses

By Tori Weldon, CBC News, June 20, 2016

People in Elsipogtog are calling for immediate action on what they say is a worsening housing crisis, as many band members live in crowded and deteriorating homes while they wait for the council to assign them a place to live. Read the rest of this entry

Muskrat Falls protesters released on bail

Muskrat Falls arrest 1

A photo posted on Facebook over the weekend shows an Innu protester being taken away from the Muskrat Falls work site. (Madeline Benuen/Facebook)

CBC News, June 14, 2016

Protesters accused of breaking a court order by refusing to leave Nalcor Energy property outside the Muskrat Falls work site have been released on bail.

The six Innu protesters were arrested over the weekend at the entrance to the Labrador megaproject.

Bart Jack, 55, told CBC News Tuesday that he and others spent a night in jail before being granted bail on Monday. Read the rest of this entry

Ottawa Condo project a ‘monument to broken promises’


Prayer ribbons on Victoria Island. Photo: Gabriel Dumont.

OTTAWA, June 15, 2016 /CNW/ – Participants in a June 17th demonstration against a proposed commercial development on sacred Indigenous sites near Parliament Hill say if the project was ever built it would be “a monument to broken promises”.

That’s how Algonquin Elder Albert Dumont from Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg characterized Windmill Development’s plan to pave over Chaudière and Albert Islands in the Ottawa River with a high rise build of 1300 condominiums and 300,000 square feet of commercial space. Read the rest of this entry

5 summer camps that offer chance to connect with Indigenous culture


Ghost River Rediscovery in Calgary, Alta. offers lessons in Aboriginal lifestyle and survival skills throughout the months of July and August. (Courtesy of Ghost River Rediscovery)

‘To speak Ojibwe is to really know myself, it’s who I am,’ says language camp participant

By Oscar Baker III, CBC News, June 12, 2016

Camping can be a way for people to disconnect from technology and take a break from the modern world. But cultural and language camps offer campers a chance to reconnect — to Indigenous cultures, elders and to the land. Read the rest of this entry

First Nations group granted access to Kapyong Barracks for ceremony


A group of people are camped out on Morpeth Boulevard, in front of the former Kapyong Barracks land. (Kenza Kaghat/CBC)

CBC News, May 31, 2016

A First Nations group is being allowed inside the former Kapyong Barracks to perform a ceremony.

The Department of National Defence let the group into the former military base on Tuesday after the group set up camp, demanding access.

Kylo Prince from Long Plain First Nation said Col. Andy Cook helped the group gain access to the land. Read the rest of this entry

Arviat, Nunavut Young Adults Are Learning To Grow Their Own Produce

o-ARVIAT-GREENHOUSE-570by Emma Prestwich, Huffington Post, May 19, 2016

Vegetables aren’t hugely popular in the northern community of Arviat.

The hamlet of just over 2,000 people on the shores of Hudson Bay has two grocery stores, and fresh food, which has to be flown in from southern Canada, is pricey.

Many vegetables, like lettuce, also don’t keep for very long, and community educator Shirley Tagalik says this makes them even less appealing.

“If you buy something and it’s wilted and goes bad the next day, [you] don’t want to waste your money,” Tagalik tells The Huffington Post Canada. Read the rest of this entry

Nunavut jail’s carving program helps inmates handle stress, build life skills


Photo: Jane Sponagle/CBC

‘When I’m carving … I wish I was out there out on the land or on the floe edge’

By Jane Sponagle, CBC News, May 19, 2016

A glass and metal display case gleams under fluorescent lights. Pale and dark greens swirl through the owl, inukshuk and polar bear soapstone carvings that line the shelves.

On this Friday afternoon, shoppers are huddled around the case, inspecting the carvings. Sales seem brisk.

But this isn’t a Toronto art gallery or even an Iqaluit souvenir shop. This is the lobby of Makigiarvik, Iqaluit’s new minimum security jail. Read the rest of this entry

Regina solidarity camp reaches one month anniversary

Regina colonial no more crowd

Photo: Eagle Feather News

The Colonialism No More Solidarity Camp officially began its occupation outside of the Indigenous and Northern Affairs (INAC) offices in downtown Regina on Monday, April 18th.
The Camp, initially formed in solidarity with the Attawapiskat youth and the community’s declaration of a suicide crisis, operates solely on a volunteer basis for all day-to-day requirements. The Camp pushes for 3-4 occupiers to spend the night and calls on the community to bring meals and other essentials.
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New T-shirt: West Coast Warrior Crest

And new colour in stock: Military Green

Tshirts Tlingit Warriors sm

New t-shirt design in red, khaki and new colour: military green (bottom).

A quick update on Warrior t-shirts: We have a new colour referred to as Military Green by the manufacturer.  It’s basically an olive drab (OD) green.  There’s also a new design titled “West Coast Warrior Crest” that features a Tlingit war helmet with two weapons commonly used along the Northwest Coast: a whalebone war club and a dagger. Read the rest of this entry


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