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Warrior Publications will be away from the office…

kwakwakawakw-canoes-sails… for the next ten days.  See you in November!  If you order a t-shirt we’ll process your order at that time…

All emergency vehicles permitted to pass through Muskrat Falls gate: protesters, Nalcor, police agree


An injured worker was transfered from the Muskrat Falls project to a hospital Friday morning with an apparent broken leg. (Katie Breen/CBC)

Agreement follows worker’s transfer from worksite to hospital Friday

By Anna Delaney, CBC News, October 21, 2016

Despite the current blockade at the Muskrat Falls worksite in central Labrador, protesters say they’ve reached an agreement with Nalcor and police to let all emergency vehicles pass through the gate. Read the rest of this entry

Blockade continues at Muskrat Falls main gate, protesters let workers out but not in


Blockade at Muskrat Falls, Oct 20, 2016. Photo by Ossie Michelin, Facebook.

Nalcor cancels day shift, says workers being financially affected by protest

By Anna Delaney, CBC News, October 20, 2016

Protesters are letting workers at the controversial Muskrat Falls project leave the site Thursday, but are not letting them enter.

Nalcor announced early Thursday morning the day shift at the hydroelectric project in central Labrador was cancelled due to the protesters preventing workers access to the site. Read the rest of this entry

Nalcor ordered to increase clearing at Muskrat Falls reservoir


Dozens of protesters demonstrated over their worries about methylmercury contamination at the Muskrat Falls project on Saturday. (Twitter/@JacindaBeals)

‘This is a shift in government policy. We are raising the bar,’ says environment minister

By Marilyn Boone, CBC News, October 19, 2016

After weeks of pressure and protests, the Newfoundland and Labrador government is ordering Nalcor to remove more forest cover at the Muskrat Falls reservoir to further address concerns surrounding methylmercury. Read the rest of this entry

9 arrested at Muskrat Falls in early morning police raid


9 people are in custody after an early morning raid at the construction site of the Muskrat Falls hydro-electric project. Photo courtesy: Justin Brake/The Independent.

by Trina Roache, APTN National News, October 17, 2016
Happy Valley-Goose Bay, N.L — Nine people arrested in an early morning raid on a camp at the entrance to the Muskrat Falls hydro-electric construction project are in custody and waiting to go before a judge. Read the rest of this entry

‘We’re expecting to camp out until they realize we’re not moving’: Protest continues at Muskrat Falls


Tony Wolfrey Sr. from Rigolet has been on the Muskrat Falls site since about 5 a.m. Sunday. (Katie Breen/CBC)

Close to 200 protesters gathered Saturday, about 30 there early Sunday morning

CBC News, October 16, 2016

A protest at Muskrat Falls that started Saturday is continuing with no signs of slowing down.

Organizers told CBC they will continue to block the site, even going so far as to not let first responders, sewage vehicles and other essential services such as fuel trucks from going in or out of the facility. Read the rest of this entry

Reno Police: Arrest warrants issued for driver, 2 protesters in Columbus Day incident


Screenshot of Nicholas Mahaffey before he drove his truck through protesters in Reno, Nevada, Oct 10, 2016.

Warrants have been issued for the arrests of the driver and two protesters involved in an incident in which a truck drove through protesters at the Reno Arch on Monday.

Police chief Jason Soto made the announcement at a press conference Thursday, saying two protesters had punched the driver and a passenger.

Read the rest of this entry

Video: Red Warrior Camp Communique

dakota-access-pipeline-red-warrior-communique Read the rest of this entry

Five treated after driver hits Reno Columbus Day protesters

columbus-day-drive-thruKOLO TV, October 10, 2016

RENO, Nev. Officials with REMSA said five people were treated for minor injuries after being hit by a pickup driver during a confrontation in downtown Reno. It happened during a Columbus Day protest put on by the American Indian Movement of Northern Nevada (AIMNN). Read the rest of this entry

Abolish Columbus Day Graphic


From Indigenous Action Media