All T-shirts are 50/50 cotton & polyester (Alstyle or Jerzees brand) with prints on both front and back.

T Shirt Learn from Past MG

This image is printed on the back of all t-shirts.

On the back is the graphic “Learn from the Past, Prepare in the Present, to Defend the Future”  (by Gord Hill, Kwakwaka’wakw).



No Justice on Stolen Land T-Shirt

Graphic by Gord Hill, Kwakwaka’wakw.

Price: $25.00 (includes postage)

Colours: Military Green

T Shirt No Justice MG

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Bear Wolf Defender T-Shirt

Design by Gord Hill, Kwakwaka’wakw.

Price: $25.00 (includes postage)

Colours: Military Green

T Shirt Bear Wolf MG

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Warrior T-Shirt

A Thunderbird with masked warrior in centre.  Design by Gord Hill, Kwakwaka’wakw.

Price: $25.00 (includes postage)

Colours: Military Green

T Shirt Warrior MG

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Oka Anniversary T-Shirt

Iconic image of masked and armed warrior confronting Canadian soldier during the 1990 Oka Crisis. Design by Gord Hill, Kwakwaka’wakw.

Price: $25.00 (includes postage)

Colours: Military GreenT Shirt Oka khaki 1

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West Coast Warrior Crest

Depicts a Tlingit war helmet with two weapons that were common along the Northwest Coast: a dagger and whalebone war club (same as the Keep Calm and Warrior On T-Shirt but without the text).  Design by Gord Hill, Kwakwaka’wakw.

Price: $25.00 (includes postage)

Colours: Military Green

Tshirt Tlingit Warrior MG sm

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Tshirt Tlingit Warrior BW 1 sm

 T Shirt Learn from Past blackT Shirt No Justice BlackT Shirt Defender blackT Shirt Warrior BlackT Shirt Oka black 2

  1. hi worriors keep up the good fight for are borthers and sisters

    • Is there a way to order more than one shirt at once? Wanting to support and make a larger order for eastern crew.

      • It could be arranged, how many shirts were you thinking?

      • Douglas Whitbeck

        I know people are busy up there, and this is a repeat request. I’d like to order four t-shirts, but seems the only way is to place four separate orders. Can invoice me through PayPal for four shirts and shipping to the U.S.? Thanks.

  2. How could people send Warrior donations? Do you have a paypal account?

  3. She:kon

    the burden of peace….
    continue the good work

  4. Native Resistance Indigenous resistance.
    We shall continue to fight together as one.

    Nothing can stop us!

  5. Hi, are t-shirts still available? Also, is there a way of getting in contact with you by email?

  6. Got my T-shirt today thanks and keep up the fight!!

  7. Hello! We (Rogues In Paradise) are supporting Native causes, we’re with you. I’ll be looking for you in Facebook. Regards from London.

  8. Hello there, just wanted to check whether international postage is O.K. before placing an order. Would be extremely grateful to receive one of these T-shirts here in Australia.
    Thank you for your work.
    In admiration and respect from Sydney.

  9. Hi.. are these designs still available? just checking before ordering

  10. I will order all four. Will you take a cheque or do I need a MO?
    I am in the bush and have fifty miles ro go to a bank but the PO works around here.
    Please let me know.

  11. I am going to donate but wish the shirts came in bigger sizes my husband and son would love them but they need at least a 2XL 😦

  12. Im looking for T-Shirts and Baseball Caps with MiKmaq Sayings or Anything MiKmaq, Gesgapegiag or Listiguj. HELP IM 70 YRS OLD AND CANT WAIT TOO LONG.Waalalin.

  13. Please make these in bigger sizes – 2xl, 3xl, 4xl

  14. STOP THE DUMP from coming to Ingersoll…please see our Facebook page. We need more help.

  15. We would like to purchase Idle No More flag to show our support and solidarity with the movement. Are we able to purchase a flag ? Or can you direct us to a site to do so ?

  16. Keep up the good work. News about natives from a natives perspective…respect

  17. Hi Zig Zag,

    Wondering if you still have any Warrior patches? Would love to have one or a few shipped down to the States if at all possible. Thanks!

  18. Aanje-Gob-Wahii

    how do I pay for a shirt. Not interested in paying over the computer.

    • hi. are any of the t-shirt designs available as prints? If so, I am interested. please pm details. Thanks!!

  19. Are the prints silk screened or how are they put on the tshirts??

  20. Keep up good work Zig Zag, from a Nuxalkmc 🙂

  21. In terms of sizes, what are the dimensions?
    Not all smalls are the same small so I just wanna make sure I know what I’m buying before I buy it!
    Thanks so much!

  22. Are t-shirts still available? Also would it be possible to know about how long to get a tshirt? Would be shipping to Vancouver island. Thinking of Xmas gifting a couple.

    Awesome designs btw..

  23. Can you make hoodies?

  24. Any big boy sizes? Xxl?

  25. Anyone help locate the tshirts for murdered missing women /sisters ?

  26. Could you please post a size chart? I personally can wear two different sizes, depending on the dimensions. Nobody wants to order blindly, while not knowing if it will fit properly. Thank you.

    • I know the original comment was old, but yes, I agree. Every brand of shirts is different. The shirt maker should be able to provide you with an official size chart. Also, are they all men’s sizes?

  27. Hello here is a real other Mapuche from Germany. I was born in La Union 1982. My Real Name is Arnoldo Ramiro Lara Gutzman. I was in La Union bit i can not find my Mother.

    Bye Arnoldo

  28. People keep asking me who is on my shirt (no justice on stolen land)….?

  29. Kris le SAVOISIEN

    Hi Natives !

    I am a Native Mountainer from ( over ) the Alps ( next to SWISS )

    I always respect Natives from all over our planet,
    fight next to Mohawks in Quebec
    ( golf course project on Natives memorial land !)
    and get sacked from CANADA in the 80’s …

    I have a T.shirt project to submit,
    that I would be very proud to wear !

    Take care.

  30. I was unable to order this with credit card this morning.
    Will you make me a Bear Wolf Defender Medium Hoodie and mail to Minnesota USA? Tim

  31. Hey dear,
    the shirt is come in last Week on Wendesday, that was fast, thank you !
    Will you make me a Warrior Hoodie XXL and one Warrior T-shirt in XL, shipp off to the same Adress
    and How much is it together to pay?
    Sorry, i forget the Colour, t-shirt and the Hoodie in Black, is this possible?
    thank you

    Best Regards Wolfgang

  32. hi i am a native american without a nation

  33. LOL hola. you guys gots some small Natives over your way… wheres the 2xl, 3xl,4xl, and 5xl?

  34. hey I just ordered the oka design was,lol hoping I could get the pipeline design sent instead, on black as I specified in the other order. thanks again!

  35. Hi I wanna purchase many shirts..
    Still doing business ??

    Cheers guys.

  36. Hi,
    Do you deliver in Switzerland?

    Best regards.

  37. Ever considered designing a residential school memorial/honoring orange shirt for Sept. 30th?

  38. Hi i am Two Spirit people i support you full heartedly .I wish i was there to help to support your people because my own people didn’t want me they tell no reson they treat me like i not there , how can i support your people i can send some money if ok? I am shadow of feather

  39. I am very appreciative to have learned of this history.

  40. Hey zig. Wondering if your other has salves for sale online. if not, just wondering how i might get some. Thanks.


  41. I love these shirts and am interested in purchasing, just wanted to check and see if any of the dagger and warclub shirts (w/o the keep calm text) were still available? Thank you!

  42. Would like to order a Keep Calm t-shirt for a relative in Military Green, by credit card from u.s.a. But somehow the site won’t let me do this. Do i have to go though a Canadian retailer?

  43. Hi. I am from Mexico, can you shipp here? send a lot of solidarity to the indigenous resistence in the north and i hope we can make some bridges, becose the struggles of your people and ours are the same. Extractivism and neo colonialism against community and indigenous peoples.

  44. Thank you! I received my shirt today. I might have ordered the wrong one though. I wanted the bear wolf shirt but got the Thunderbird one instead. It’s not a big deal I love it anyways! I did reorder the bear wolf shirt today though.

  45. Pierre-Marc Sauve

    Hello Zig ! Thank you so much for all your good work keeping us updated with the newsletters. I wanted to support the Website/Spread the love by buying 2 shirts, Are Military Green Still available ?

  46. Hey, Paypal won’t let me buy t shirts. Help!

  47. Hello I was wondering if you could make a samauri / martial t shirts for mikmaq , algonquin cultures , the dojos were home to older cultures which helped form tribes , knighthoods and early native and spanish tribal cultures. I have heard that Budo was the martial art of ancient mikmaq . Early samauri warriors existed before the knights templar ,. i.e magicans , manciehans , buddahist , s the modern form of marital arts in use to day is called aikido . Another old ritual that is related to mikmaq and other older cultures is the sacred sunance or mithraism people dont know it but mikmaq and spanish relations have ties to this culture and belief system . It is also obscure but sometimes pointed out that parsis of india (romani) are connected to mikmaq lineages and familiy lines of secession

  48. Do you have any of the older Battle of Oka t shirts left?

  49. Any chance you could revive the AC/DC t-shirt design?

  50. Hi, we are interested in the Oka Anniversary shirt, but need a XXL. Is this possible? Thanks.

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