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Tahltan First Nation tells Fortune Minerals to leave their traditional territory

Elders insist Klappan region be made a protected area
Allison Bench, CFTK-TV Terrace, Aug 15, 2013

Tahtlan rally in August, 2012, against Red Chris Mine, in northern 'BC'.

Tahtlan rally in August, 2012, against Red Chris Mine, in northern ‘BC’.

Members of Tahltan First Nations have taken a stand against a proposed coal mining project by Fortune Minerals on Mount Klappan.  They’ve told company representatives to leave their traditional lands.

Although the Tahltan aren’t expecting that to happen by the 24-hour-deadline they gave the company yesterday, they say they aren’t backing down. Read the rest of this entry

Tahltan Council Emphasizes Importance Of Protecting Sacred Headwaters From Mining Developments In Northern BC

Tahltan Central Council, Sept. 21, 2012

Klappan Valley.

During this week Fortune Minerals Limited, a mining company that is publically traded on the TSX, has been holding Open Houses concerning its Arctos Anthracite mine project. The proposed project is located in Tahltan Territory in an area known as the Klappan sacred headwaters, and is currently in the Province’s environmental assessment process. The Klappan area is located in and around the pristine confluence of the Skeena, Nass and Stikine Rivers. Read the rest of this entry