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Mexican Army Attacks Against Indigenous Communities of Ostula

Photo: Semeí Verdía via Quadratin archives

Photo: Semeí Verdía via Quadratin archives

by Revolution News, July 20, 2015

The indigenous communities of Santa Maria Ostula have denounced 3 separate attacks by the Mexican army that occurred yesterday in the municipality of Aquila, Michoacán state. The attacks resulted in the death of one child, 3 others injured (2 minors) along with arrests of several members of the indigenous community and the leader of the Aquila autodefensas group, Semeí Verdía, who was the target of the Army operation.

The events began Sunday [July 19, 2015] morning around 10 AM when the Mexican Army conducted an operation to arrest the leader of local autodefensas group, Semeí Verdía, in the village of La Placita. The Army appeared at the same time at El Duin and Xayakalan, sites where the community police forces maintain checkpoints. Read the rest of this entry