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This Land is Not for Sale!


Background & History

Graffiti against BC treaty process in Alert Bay, Kwakwak'awakw territory 2011.

BC is unique in Canada in that virtually no treaties were made in the occupation & settlement of the province. This was in violation of the 1763 Royal Proclamation, which legally bound the British to make treaties surrendering Indigenous territory. Britain –and later Canada– followed this law in their westward expansion, making a series of numbered treaties across the prairies (i.e., Treaty No. 3, etc.). Read the rest of this entry

Gunboats & Genocide

The Violent History of Colonization in ‘British Columbia’

In history, the colonization of what would become British Columbia is presented as largely peaceful, even friendly.  Like Columbus’ ‘peaceful’ invasion of the Americas in 1492, this history is a colonial myth. Like all colonial myths, it seeks to conceal genocide and legitimize colonialism. Read the rest of this entry