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Raiding Unist’ot’en camp would be “disastrous”, B.C. RCMP warned

CSIS surveillance of pipeline protesters faces federal review

Protest in Comox, BC, against Enbridge pipeline, 2012.

Protest in Comox, BC, against Enbridge pipeline, 2012.

B.C. Civil Liberties Association alleges spy agency broke the law with its surveillance

CBC News, Aug 12, 2015

A federal committee is holding a hearing today into a complaint that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service illegally spied on peaceful anti-pipeline protesters in B.C., but the public may never know what went on behind closed doors.

The security intelligence review committee hearing will not be open to the public.

The complaint was filed by the B.C. Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA) last year after media reports suggested that CSIS and other government agencies consider opposition to the petroleum industry a threat to national security. Read the rest of this entry

Anticipating rebellion: citizens vow to “stop the bulldozers” if Enbridge pipeline approved

Two of six police vehicles torched, Oct 17, Mi'kmaq territory, 2013.

Two of six police vehicles set on fire, Oct 17, 2013, Mi’kmaq territory (near Rexton, New Brunswick).

Warrior Publications Note: On the eve of the federal government’s anticipated decision on the Enbridge Northern Gateway, the professional activists, NGOs, and Indian Act band councils that have thus far managed the public opposition to the proposed pipeline project have begun rallying their troops and blowing their battle trumpets.  But the last thing they and their funders want is any kind of confrontation or conflict.  They want it all nice and legal, and one of their biggest fears is that Natives might go all warrior on them, as we saw in New Brunswick with the anti-fracking resistance. Read the rest of this entry

Civil liberties watchdog concerned RCMP has informants in B.C. anti-pipeline groups

RCMP monkeysby Travis Lupick, The Georgia Straight, Feb 8, 2014

A number of environmental and First Nations groups have said they want to know whether or not the RCMP has placed informants or undercover agents inside Idle No More and other anti-pipeline movements. Read the rest of this entry