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Oily Chiefs, Idle No More, and the AFN

by Zig Zag, Warrior Publications, January 17, 2013Idle No More protect enviro sign

To fully understand the phenomenon of Idle No More, you must imagine two parallel universes. In one, INM is comprised of good-hearted grassroots Native people responding to a call to oppose Bill C-45 and to protect the land and water of their traditional territories. In the other, however, are chiefs using the mobilization to achieve their political & economic agenda, an agenda that includes partnering with corporations seeking to exploit oil and gas resources on reserve lands. Read the rest of this entry

Indian Act Chiefs and Idle No More: Snakes in the Grassroots?

by Zig Zag, Warrior Publications, Dec. 14, 2012

"Grand Chief" Derek Nepinak of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, Idle No More Rally in Winnipeg, Dec. 10, 2012.

“Grand Chief” Derek Nepinak of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, Idle No More Rally in Winnipeg, Dec. 10, 2012.

According to the accounts of Idle No More (INM) organizers, the mobilization began in Saskatchewan when four women met and decided to organize workshops outlining what Bill C-45 was, and the threats it presented to Indigenous peoples and lands. From this humble beginning, it transformed into a national day of action, almost entirely through social media. Or so goes the dominant narrative.

But is this movement really grassroots? Read the rest of this entry

Mohawk Nation News: IDLE NO MORE Editorial

Mohawk Nation News, December 13, 2012Warrior flag

MNN.  Dec. 12, 2012.  The Assembly of First Nations AFN and Iroquois Caucus [IC] merged their corporations on December 4th 2012. The Iroquois Caucus represents the band councils on the Mohawk communities in Canada, not the legitimate Mohawk people or Iroquois Confederacy.  They take credit for our grassroots activism.  In fact they worked behind the scenes to help their benefactors, the Canadian government, to try to silence us and continue the illusion of freedom.   Read the rest of this entry

Ghosts of Indigenous activism past, present, future: #IdleNoMore’s transformative potential

By Hayden King, Media Indigena, December 12, 2012

Warrior and Canadian soldier face off during Oka Crisis, 1990.

Warrior and Canadian soldier face off during Oka Crisis, 1990.

Earlier this week, from Goose Bay to Yellowknife, thousands of Nehiyaw, Dene, Metis peoples (joined by Canadians supportive of them) gathered in front of provincial legislatures, constituency and Aboriginal Affairs offices. They sang honour songs, danced jigs, and waved their flags and homemade protest signs out in the cold and the wind. Read the rest of this entry

Idle No More? Speak for Yourself…

Analysis of Idle No More MobilizationMake a Stand graphic

by Zig Zag, Warrior Publications, Dec. 12, 2012

On Dec. 10, 2012, several thousand Native peoples rallied across Canada as part of a national day of action dubbed “Idle No More” (INM). The protests targeted Bill C-45 and the policies of the ruling Conservative Party. In Edmonton, as many as 1,500 turned out, one of the largest. A reported 400 people attended in Calgary and Winnipeg, with anywhere from 100 to 300 participating in Toronto, Regina, Saskatoon, North Battleford, and Vancouver. Read the rest of this entry


by Kai Kai Kons, formerly known as Johnny Hawke, Oshkimaadzig blog, Dec 10, 2012Johnny Hawke 1
Sitting around our fire at the Oshkimaadziig Unity Camp tending the upkeep of our repossession of our peoples Sacred Gathering Place known as Council Rock, I am inspired, confused and frustrated in this time, day and hour as I try to filtrate through the many words that are being said and “direct actions” in response to an Omnibus Bill directed to extinguish yet again “Our Way of Life” and Treaty Rights. This rant is not an attack at any specific group or person but just a constructive critical reflection that asks a question:  What are some real solutions and what happens after the media photo opt marches, protests and meetings are over? Read the rest of this entry

Hundreds of Natives Across Canada Attend ‘Idle No More’ Rallies

Hundreds of First Nations, Métis, rally against Bill C-45

Natives rally at Vancouver Art Gallery as part of "Idle No More" protests,  Dec. 10, 2012.

Natives rally at Vancouver Art Gallery as part of “Idle No More” protests, Dec. 10, 2012.

Linda Hoang, CTV Edmonton, Monday, Dec. 10, 2012

Hundreds of people in Edmonton joined countless more across the country on Monday for a rally in opposition of the federal government’s Bill C-45.

First Nations, Métis and supporters in Edmonton came together for an ‘Idle No More’ demonstration downtown Monday afternoon.

Police estimate more than 1,500 people attended the demonstration, which coincides with International Day for Human Rights. Read the rest of this entry

TransCanada gas pipeline may sidestep environmental review

TransCanada pipeline map

Federal environmental assessment not guaranteed on B.C. pipeline with 320 water crossing

By Larry Pynn, Vancouver Sun, November 26, 2012

TransCanada’s planned 650-kilometre natural gas pipeline to Kitimat would cross about 320 watercourses including the habitat of more than 100 species at risk, such as white sturgeon, woodland caribou and marbled murrelet, company documents show.

But under Conservative government changes to environmental laws, there’s no guarantee the Coastal GasLink project will undergo a federal environmental assessment. Read the rest of this entry