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The World Cup Mega-Disaster Is On

Brazil FIFA go homeBy Hanna Hurr, Mask Magazine, June 12, 2014
The World Cup started today, and with it the culmination of a much longer power battle between Brazilians who vehemently detest the World Cup and the authorities who defend it.

Hours before the opening game of the World Cup, Brazilians took to the streets once again to protest and disrupt the games — the most expensive World Cup in history, which cost Brazil over $11 billion. In São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Belo Horizonte, protesters clashed with police while blocking a highway, trying to enter a stadium, protesting public spending, and rioting. Read the rest of this entry

Indigenous Protesters Clash with Brazil Police

Brazil Natives world cup protest 1Hundreds protest outside World Cup stadium in capital over plans to shrink size of some reserves for indigenous groups.

from Al Jazeera via Earth First! Newswire, May 28, 2014

Indigenous protesters in traditional dress squared against Brazilian police mounted on horses in the country’s capital, just outside a new football stadium that will host World Cup matches this year. Read the rest of this entry