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Facebook group formed to find and expose fraudulent imitations of Indigenous artists


On the left, Medicine Beaver by Norman Tait. On the right, a different piece being sold for $160. The original is made of alder and is valued at $30,000. (Submitted by Lucinda Turner)

Organizer says about 20 North Coast B.C. artists are victims of fradulent copies

By Andrew Kurjata, Audrey McKinnon, CBC News, Dec 27, 2017

An artist who worked with the late Nisga’a carver Norman Tait is working to expose fraudulent versions of Indigenous North Coast art after discovering unsanctioned copies of Tait’s work being passed off as originals. Read the rest of this entry


Kachina Priest Killer Carving

Kachina warrior Pueblo Revolt

From the internet:

PRIEST KILLER Kachina doll, carved from cotton wood root, with severed head of catholic priest and bloody knife. These were a real Hopi Kachina and a real catholic priest who really was raping young women in Hopi Nation land. This really went down in what we now call Arizona while the pueblo revolts were happening in what we now call New Mexico. By William Wildcat, August 17, 2013