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Coastal First Nations Call Out ‘Eagle Spirit’ Pipeline

Art Sterritt, head of the Coastal First Nations lobby group.

Art Sterritt, head of the Coastal First Nations lobby group.

Energy project seen as Northern Gateway alternative rejected by two vital aboriginal alliances.

By Sarah Berman,, Feb 13, 2015

After a Wednesday press conference in Calgary announced new partners in a First Nations-led pipeline project, two major alliances of First Nations have publicly rejected the proposal.

The Eagle Spirit Energy project, which positions itself as a less risky alternative to Enbridge’s Northern Gateway, first set out to secure “social license” for a high-volume energy corridor through northern B.C. in September 2012. With financial backing from the Aquilini Group, president and chairperson Calvin Helin said his company consulted with First Nations and is in the process of designing a proposal that meets those terms. Read the rest of this entry

Coastal First Nations group pulls out of Enbridge hearings

Relaxation of regulations, lack of ‘straight answers’ harms legitimacy of process

By Gordon Hamilton, Vancouver Sun, February 5, 2013Coastal First Nations logo

Coastal First Nations has pulled out of a critical Northern Gateway hearing on Enbridge’s marine oil spill response plans, saying the hearings have drained the organization’s financial resources and are providing few answers.

“We might as well keep our powder dry and save it for court,” CFN executive director Art Sterritt said Monday, expressing dissatisfaction over the cost of attending the hearings and over what he called “a difficult time” getting answers from Northern Gateway applicant Enbridge. Read the rest of this entry

Haisla First Nation retreat from Gateway opposition

Nathan VanderKlippe, The Globe and Mail, Dec. 05 2012

Haisla band council chief Ellis Ross (centre).

Haisla band council chief Ellis Ross (centre).

The Haisla First Nation has pulled out of an organization that has ardently fought the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline and called for greener practices in the export of natural gas.
The Haisla said they have withdrawn from Coastal First Nations, amid a debate among aboriginal groups about the environmental impact of West Coast industrial development that has now blown out into the open. The move comes as the Haisla shift their position on oil exports from their traditional territory, which some see as evidence that opposition to Gateway is beginning to wane. Read the rest of this entry