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Victoria ‘Defend Our Coast’ Rally Civil But No Disobedience

A planned “mass civil disobedience” rally in Victoria, BC, against the proposed Enbridge

Oct. 22, 2012 “Defend Our Coast” rally at BC Legislature, Victoria BC.

Northern Gateway pipeline was civil, but without the disobedience.  Despite weeks of signing up volunteers and nonviolent training sessions, organizers apparently opted out of a repeat of protests against the Keystone XL pipeline in Washington, DC, last fall, during which over 1,000 people were arrested.

Organizers claim 5,000 people attended the rally, while police put the number at 3,500.

Organizers now appear to be portraying the pre-rally civil disobedience sign-up and training as a huge success in itself.  According to the Defend Our Coast website, “As soon as we decided we were willing to get arrested, we had already won. Today was a victory for the people of BC, Canada and the world.” Read the rest of this entry