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One year of Idle No More: update and analysis

Idle No More Dec 21 ottawa sign

INM rally on Dec 21, 2012, in Ottawa.

by Zig Zag, Warrior Publications, Dec 11, 2013

Last month at around this time, I posted one or two corporate news articles about the one year anniversary of Idle No More (INM). Yesterday (Dec 10), there were a few more articles about the one year anniversary. “What’s up with that?” I thought, so I checked out INM’s website. Turns out, the one year anniversary was officially declared to be a month-long series of events by INM Official (the website). Read the rest of this entry

Idle No More, Defenders of the Land form alliance, call for “Sovereignty Summer”

By Jorge Barrera, APTN National News, March 18, 2013

Art by Andy Everson, Kwakwaka'wakw.

Art by Andy Everson, Kwakwaka’wakw.

Idle No More has joined forces with Defenders of the Land and the new alliance plans to launch “escalating action” during what is being called the “Sovereignty Summer,” according to a draft joint declaration obtained by APTN National News. Read the rest of this entry

Why We Wrote the “Statement of Apology”

Why We Wrote the “Statement of Apology” We Wish Had Been Written By the Defenders of the Land Organizing Committee. (April 27th, 2011)

It has been seven days since we published a satirical “statement of apology”,  from the organizing committee of Defender’ of the Land. A group of women and grassroots land defenders wrote the statement, because our voices had been silenced. We feel that what we have to say here must be heard, and so we will continue to speak. Read the rest of this entry

A Public Statement of Apology From the Organizing Committee of Defenders of the Land

April 22, 2011.

Ottawa (Sovereign Algonquin Territory)

[Note: this statement is false and was never issued by the group Defenders of the land, please see the article “Why We Wrote the Statement of Apology” posted by Indigenous Women of the Movement]

A Public Statement of Apology From the Organizing Committee of Defenders of the Land

This April 22-25th 2011, ALL indigenous land defenders are warmly welcomed to join the 3rd ever Defenders of the Land Gathering in Ottawa. We want to especially honour the women who stand on the frontlines every day protecting our families, and the land and water and those who face racism and brutality by police, …military and settlers. We respect you, not just in our words, but in our actions. Read the rest of this entry