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Canadian Indigenous leaders travel to see Ecuador environmental disaster


“This is how much money I made working with oil pipelines in Canada.”  Phil Fontaine, right, speaks to Indigenous leaders in Ecuador Wednesday. (Karen Hinton/Submitted)

The group hopes to ally with 60 Indigenous tribes in Ecuador to help them fight Chevron in Canadian court

By Brandi Morin, CBC News, September 27, 2017

Canadian Indigenous leaders witnessed first hand this week the devastation and pollution left behind by oil companies in Indigenous lands in Ecuador.

“What we’ve witnessed here is tragic…shocking,” said former Assembly of First Nations (AFN) leader Phil Fontaine, speaking from Quito via telephone. Read the rest of this entry

Shuar tribe face government in Amazon mining protests

shuarresisteEcuador’s Shuar say mining project in Cordillera del Condor threatens their livelihood and encroaches upon their land.

By Bryan van Hulst Miranda, Al Jazeera, December 29, 2016

Morona-Santiago, Ecuador The death of a police officer during a standoff between military and indigenous Shuar people in a takeover attempt of a mining camp in Ecuador’s southern Amazon on December 14, catalysed a government mobilisation of armed forces in the region.

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Video: What’s going on in Ecuador?

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Ecuadoreans can sue Chevron in Canada, Supreme Court rules

Tear gas, clashes as thousands protest in Ecuador capital“>

Russia Today, August 14, 2015

Clashes between protesters and security forces erupted as a rally against Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa swept the capital of Quito and several other cities Thursday.

After riot police tried to block around 10,000 protesters near the San Francisco Plaza, they fired tear gas while protesters threw sticks and rocks. More than a dozen police officers were reportedly injured.

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Indigenous in Ecuador Struggle to Get Chevron to Pay Up on $9.5 Billion in Damages

Chevron Ecuador spill 1by Rick Kearns, Indian Country Today, Dec 19, 2014

Their land still saturated with goop, indigenous groups in Ecuador are awaiting a decision in the Supreme Court of Canada on whether Chevron Corp. can be forced to pay the $9.5 billion in damages they are owed for severe contamination of their lands.

Attorneys for Ecuadorean plaintiffs, most of whom are indigenous, appeared before Canada’s Supreme Court on Thursday, October 11 in an effort to seek payment for the $9.5 billion judgment levied against Chevron back in 2011.

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Indians protest in Ecuador against mining projects

GONZALO SOLANO, Associated Press, Thursday, March 22, 2012

Indigenous protesters confront riot police during anti-mining rally in Ecuador, March 22, 2012.

QUITO, Ecuador (AP) — More than 1,000 indigenous protesters reached Ecuador’s capital Thursday after a two-week march from the Amazon to oppose plans for large-scale mining on their lands.

The protesters were joined by thousands of anti-government protesters in Quito, and some of the demonstrators clashed with police outside the National Assembly. Police repelled rock-throwing young men using tear gas and charging at the demonstrators on horseback. Read the rest of this entry