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New Brunswick extends fracking ban indefinitely

SWN Resources pulls out of New Brunswick

New Brunswick frack off rally

Mi’kmaq march against SWN Resources exploratory drilling for natural gas near Rexton, New Brunswick, 2013.

CTV News, March 16, 2016

Houston-based subsidiary of Southwestern Energy, SWN Resources Canada has pulled its presence from the province of New Brunswick.

The oil and gas company issued a statement saying its Moncton office closed Wednesday, laying off two people, including manager of the N.B. project, Chad Peters.

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Fracking returning to NB after firing of top doctor, says provincial NDP

New Brunswick burned RCMP cars

Two of six police vehicles torched, Oct 17, Mi’kmaq territory, 2013.

by APTN National News, December 7, 2015
New Brunswick’s top doctor was fired by the provincial Liberal government to clear the way for the lifting of a moratorium on shale gas exploration this spring, according to the leader of the provincial NDP.

Provincial NDP leader Dominic Cardy says a senior government source told him Eilish Cleary, New Brunswick’s now-fired chief medical officer, would stand in the way of a government decision to lift the moratorium. Read the rest of this entry

Elsipogtog Raid: Emails show federal officials worried about second Idle No More movement

Mi'kmaq face RCMP riot cops on Oct 17, 2013, near Elsipogtog, NB.

Mi’kmaq face RCMP riot cops on Oct 17, 2013, near Elsipogtog, NB.

Benjamin Shingler, The Canadian Press/CTV News, August 17, 2014

MONTREAL — Federal officials closely tracked the fallout of an RCMP raid on a First Nations protest against shale-gas exploration in New Brunswick, at one point raising concerns it could spawn another countrywide movement like Idle No More.

Documents obtained under access-to-information legislation reveal a lengthy email chain last fall monitoring events related to a blockade near Rexton, N.B., about 70 kilometres north of Moncton.

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New Brunswick: Cop Block turns to Road Block

Mi’gmaw Warriors Society fells trees, lights fire, creating inner road block on highway 134, New BrunswickNew Brunswick frack off blockade

by Miles Howe, Halifax Media Coop, Sept 30, 2013

Rexton, New Brunswick – Anti-fracking activists in Kent County, New Brunswick have responded to last night’s RCMP-imposed block of both sides of highway 134, near the off ramp of highway 11, by creating an inner road block of their own. Read the rest of this entry

New Brunswick: truck seizure, road block, ends peacefully despite RCMP negotiation failure.

New Brunswick warriors truck

Warriors in front of blocked SWN truck near Elsipogtog, New Brunswick.

by Miles Howe, Halifax Media Coop, July 28, 2013

ELSIPOGTOG, NEW BRUNSWICK – Last night, July 27th, about 35 anti-shale gas activists blockaded a 20 ton truck, subcontracted to SWN Resources Canada, for over 8 hours.  The truck, filled with helicopter bags – each containing dozens of geophones – was attempting to exit southward along Irving Road, a back road west of highway 126 in New Brunswick.  The truck, as well as eight other equipment trucks subcontracted to SWN, were conducting seismic testing in the hopes of finding shale gas deposits along a 35.9 kilometer north-south line known as ‘Line 5’.  All the equipment and workers were halted until about 3:30am Atlantic Time. Read the rest of this entry

SWN workers forced out of New Brunswick back woods, equipment damaged

by Miles Howe, The Dominion, June 24, 2013

SWN contractor flees from angry crowd.

SWN contractor flees from angry crowd.

BROWNS YARD, NEW BRUNSWICK – By Sunday, June 23rd, SWN Resource Canada’s highly contested and protested seismic testing along highway 126, in Kent County, New Brunswick, had almost wrapped up.

But the seismic test along the highway is only one of several planned testing lines, and the company’s attempts to begin another line of seismic testing – this time along the back roads of Kent County – was yesterday halted in its tracks by community members living in the vicinity of Browns Yard. Read the rest of this entry

RCMP arrest 12 more demonstrators at NB shale gas protest

Protesters were arrested for blocking traffic on Route 126 south of Rogersville

CBC News, June 21, 2013New Brunswick gas protest police line

Twelve people were arrested during shale gas protests on Route 126 in New Brunswick Friday.

RCMP confirmed that at about 2:30 p.m., five women and three men were arrested for blocking traffic on the road south of Rogersville. Shortly before 4 p.m., three more men and another woman were arrested, bringing Friday’s total to 11. Read the rest of this entry

RCMP arrest 12 anti-shale gas protesters in New Brunswick

Demonstration is being held on Route 126 near Harcourt

CBC News, June 14, 2013New Brunswick gas protest 3

The RCMP have arrested 12 anti-shale gas protesters on Route 126 near Harcourt, N.B., on Friday morning.

The protesters have been holding demonstrations and blocking roads in Kent County for more than a week. Read the rest of this entry

More anti-shale gas protesters arrested in New Brunswick

Government official says arrests prompted after SWN equipment was damaged

CBC News, June 10, 2013New Brunswick drummer cops

Anti-shale gas protesters were arrested on Sunday after equipment owned by SWN Resources Canada was damaged, according to a government official.

The reasons for the arrests on Sunday are conflicting, however.

While a government official says the arrests were prompted after protesters damaged equipment, demonstrators say three people were arrested because they were not keeping far enough away from the equipment. Read the rest of this entry