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Cayuga man who acted as rogue, unlicensed notary faces BC court date

Crazy and Confused, Con Job, or Cult?

The Sovereign Citizen Movement is all of the above, and then some, May 2011

You might have seen them at meetings, talking for as long as they were tolerated, sometimes for hours. Rambling on and on about archaic laws and confused legalisms. You might have even grasped some of the main points: The government is a corporation. The courts follow Admiralty law. Cashing in your SIN card can get you as much as $7 million. Declaring yourself sovereign enables you to legally drive without a driver’s license. Hell, we can make our OWN driver’s licenses. That’s always a popular one.

You may not have known it at the time, but you just had an introduction to the bizarre world of the sovereign citizen movement, today one of the fastest growing segments of the extreme right patriot movement in the US. And one which has a long association with white supremacist groups in that country. The odd thing is, it has gained a following among some Native sovereigntists in Canada.

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