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Australia: Frontier Wars Graphic

From our Aboriginal brothers and sisters in Australia:

Australia frontier wars 1

Australia: Aboriginal Group To Shadow ANZAC Day March And Highlight Frontier Wars


Michael Anderson.

By Amy McQuire, New Matilda, April 23, 2015

The annual gesture is intended to remind Australians about a war many don’t realise took place. Amy McQuire reports.

It’s the war that Australia doesn’t like to remember, but that has never deterred the group of Aboriginal people who have walked behind the official ANZAC Day march in Canberra each year since 2012, calling on the nation to remember the first people who fell in defence of country. [ANZAC: Australia New Zealand Army Corps]

This year the group, which usually numbers between 20 and 60 participants, are preparing to make their mark on the centenary of Gallipoli. They will mobilise at 10:30 am on ANZAC Parade, which bares no trace of the existence of the Aboriginal warriors who died in the Frontier Wars.

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