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Mi’kmaq Warrior’s Trial: RCMP ERT member testifies

Al Comeaux, pictured here, had an M-16 trained on Breau, who himself allegedly pointed a firearm at peace officers five times. Comeaux said he saw Breau raise the rifle to "45 degrees or so" in an episode that accounts for 4 of the charges of pointing. [Photo: Miles Howe]

Al Comeaux, member of RCMP ERT during Oct 17, 2013 raid. [Photo: Miles Howe]

More contradictory police testimony as the trial of Germaine Breau and Aaron Francis continues

by Miles Howe, Halifax Media Coop, May 1, 2014

MONCTON, NEW BRUNSWICK – The Crown continued it’s veritable parade of RCMP witnesses today on this, the sixth scheduled day of trial for Germaine ‘Junior’ Breau and Aaron Francis, the two members of the Mi’kmaq Warriors Society who have been incarcerated since the vicious police raid of the anti-shale gas encampment on October 17th, along highway 134 near Rexton, New Brunswick.

Breau and Francis have now spent over half a year in the Southeastern Regional Correctional Centre in Shediac, New Brunswick, much of that time has been spent without access to traditional spiritual services.

Today the Crown brought forward Corporal Al Comeaux, a member of the RCMP for over 24 years, as well as a member of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) for over 14 years.

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