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Secwepemc elder Wolverine calls for inquiry into 1995 Ts’Peten Standoff

TsPeten wolverine signs

Ts’Peten siege, 1995.  Secwepemc elder Wolverine in centre.

This letter by Wolverine is being sent to the Government today. He is calling for a national public inquiry into Gustafsen Lake. Please share his letter to the Government of Canada calling for a public inquiry.

Under Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, Canada’s largest paramilitary operation was carried out on the sacred Sundance lands at Ts’Peten in 1995. Armoured personnel carriers, .50 calibre machine guns, land mines, and an astonishing 77,000 rounds of ammunition were directed at the land defenders. A police note by Chief Superintendent Johnston stated: “There are 6 hardliners in the camp WHO WILL REQUIRE KILLING.”

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Secwepemc gather for 20 year anniversary gathering of RCMP siege of Ts’Peten

Secwepemc gather at Ts'Peten for 20 year anniversary gathering of 1995 siege, near 100 Mile House, 'BC'.

Secwepemc gather at Ts’Peten for 20 year anniversary gathering of 1995 siege, near 100 Mile House, ‘BC’.

by Yuct Ne Senxiymetkwe Camp, Sept 15, 2015

We are back in range. On the 20 year commemoration of the Ts’peten Standoff, the protectors, the defenders return to remind and remember. These are our war heroes, these are our war stories, we must hear them, we must listen to them, we must pass on these things to our next generations.


Ts’Peten: 20 Year Anniversary Gathering

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Crises in First Nations communities leave legacy of pain, fear

Canadian soldier and warrior face off during 1990 Oka Crisis.

Canadian soldier and warrior face off during 1990 Oka Crisis.

Post-traumatic stress and its effects linger years after conflict

By Martha Troian, CBC News, Jan 20, 2014

Oka, Gustafsen Lake, Burnt Church, Ipperwash and Elsipogtog are just a few of the communities where often violent conflicts have taken place between Indigenous people, law enforcement agencies and government. Read the rest of this entry

Ts’Peten, 1995
“We cannot call ourselves a nation if we don’t want to defend what is rightfully ours.”
Wolverine, Defenders of the Land, 1995

Secwepemc elder Wolverine (in middle) during 1995 siege at Ts’Peten (Gustafsen Lake, BC).


In the summer of 1995, a month-long standoff occurred between Indigenous peoples & police near 100 Mile House, in the southern-interior region of British Columbia (BC). This land is the ancestral homeland of the Secwepemc (Shuswap).

Altogether, over 450 heavily-armed officers from various RCMP Emergency Response Teams (ERT), with military assistance, including 9 armoured personnel carriers, were deployed against some 24 defenders of a Sundance camp. In the end, it would be the largest RCMP paramilitary operation in Canadian history, costing over $5 million. Nearly half of this, $2.3 million, was for RCMP overtime. Read the rest of this entry