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‘It means a lot to me’: 1 year later, tiny homes in this B.C. community are making a big difference


Since moving into his first home, Lance Alexander has gotten a job at a nearby mine and is living what he calls “the clean life.” (Andrew Kurjata/CBC)

Tiny homes pilot project combats homelessness in north-central B.C.

By Andrew Kurjata, CBC News, Oct 29, 2017

A small house has made a big difference for Lance Alexander.

“Got a stove and a fridge, little table and futon,” Alexander said, pointing around the 320-square-foot space. Read the rest of this entry

Federal study shines new light on homeless Indigenous people, veterans

canada-land-of-the-homelessNumber of homeless Indigenous people disproportionate to population percentage

By Jordan Press, The Canadian Press, August 30, 2016

Fewer beds remain empty each night in Canada’s emergency homeless shelters as users stay days, sometimes weeks, longer than they did a decade ago, even as their overall numbers decline.

Within that population of almost 137,000 shelter users are nearly 3,000 veterans and up to 45,820 are Indigenous people, a group over-represented in homeless shelters compared to their percentage of the general population in every community looked at in a newly released federal study.

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Homeless Native Woman Builds Her Own Home, Gets Fined And Can’t Live There

Darlene Necan, a member of the Ojibways of Saugeen First Nation.

Darlene Necan, a member of the Ojibways of Saugeen First Nation., Nov 7, 2014

Homeless woman Darlene Necan is one of the few who have actually tried to fix her own problem. Unfortunately, the cabin she is still in the process of building in Ontario is causing her more problems than she started with.

Now Darlene cannot live in it or even continue building it because she is being fined more than she can afford. The First Nations woman is facing several thousand dollars in legal fees for attempting to build a one-room home on land where she grew up, and she believes it is because the land has become property of the Crown.

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Oppenheimer homeless camp: First Nations members issue eviction notice to Vancouver

Oppenheimer tents 1City of Vancouver says Oppenheimer Park is a backyard for the neighbourhood, not a campground

CBC News July 20, 2014

A standoff is brewing between the City of Vancouver and a group of protesters camped out in a Downtown Eastside park — but in a twist, the city itself has been handed an eviction notice.

On Sunday, just over a dozen tents stood at Oppenheimer Park. Those living in them tell CBC News they’re homeless with nowhere else to live.

In the past three days, the campers have received two eviction notices from the city, which has bylaws prohibiting sleeping in parks and erecting structures on public property. Read the rest of this entry