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Criminalization of Indigenous Communities

RCMP cougar attack 1Voices-Voix, August 1, 2017

In January 2017, Public Safety Canada (PS) disclosed that the Government Operations Centre (GOC) gathers information on Indigenous rallies for the purpose of “maintaining awareness” of events that may impact the safety and security of Canadians and events effecting the national interest. According to PS, the information gathered consisted generally of the date, location and purpose of the protests and rallies, including in relation to missing and murdered Indigenous women. Natural Resources Canada also reported that they monitor publicly available information such as Twitter, Facebook and media reports regarding protest activities that may impact the department, its employees or facilities. Read the rest of this entry

Government delays shutdown of Indian status-registration amid legislative deadlock

Indian Act status card 1After a Quebec judge refused to give parliament more time to pass a bill to fix sex-based inequities in registration, another judge prevented Monday a complete shut-down of the process — for now

by Marie-Danielle Smith, National Post, July 4, 2017

OTTAWA — The Liberal government has prevented — or at least delayed — a complete shutdown of the Indian status registration system via a last-minute effort.

A Quebec judge decided last week not to give parliament more time to pass an already-overdue law fixing sex-based inequities in the registration system. The rules, found to be unconstitutional, were to be struck down this week. Read the rest of this entry

Regina protest packs up after 4 months camped out on Albert Street

colonialism-no-more-regina-inac-end-of-protestAfter a meeting with the INAC administration and Health Canada representatives, the camp has packed up

CBC News, August 21, 2016

The longest-running Colonialism No More solidarity camp has come to end after four months of protest and occupation in Regina.

Back in April. after a rash of suicides on the Attawapiskat First Nation in northern Ontario, a group occupied Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) office in Toronto and from there other camps and occupations sprung up across the country. Read the rest of this entry

‘Colonialism No More’ camp outside Regina’s INAC office surpasses 100 days

Regina colonial no more crowd

Photo: Eagle Feather News

July 27, 2016

Regina’s “Colonialism No More” camp has now reached a new milestone: 101 days.

Back in April, groups across Canada held rallies to address the First Nation suicide crisis at the Attawapiskat First Nation.

Since then, camps in Vancouver and Toronto have since packed up but Regina’s camp outside the local Indigenous and Northern Indigenous Affairs (INAC) office has remained strong. Read the rest of this entry

Colonialism No More group in Regina asked to move their tents

Occupy INAC regina tentsCTV News, June 28, 2016

The “Colonialism No More” group camped out in front of the Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) Office in Regina is being asked to move their tents.

Sue Deranger, a member of the rally says the owner of the building and the property manager both approached the group and informed them they would like to landscape the space they are currently camping on.  Read the rest of this entry

Regina solidarity camp reaches one month anniversary

Regina colonial no more crowd

Photo: Eagle Feather News

The Colonialism No More Solidarity Camp officially began its occupation outside of the Indigenous and Northern Affairs (INAC) offices in downtown Regina on Monday, April 18th.
The Camp, initially formed in solidarity with the Attawapiskat youth and the community’s declaration of a suicide crisis, operates solely on a volunteer basis for all day-to-day requirements. The Camp pushes for 3-4 occupiers to spend the night and calls on the community to bring meals and other essentials.
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Chief’s bid to restore funding ‘ridiculous,’ say members of Liard First Nation

liard-first-nationChief Daniel Morris filed documents asking Federal Court to restore First Nation’s control of funding

By Phillippe Morin, CBC News, May 6, 2016

A group of Liard First Nation members is opposed to a recent court action launched by their chief and council.

In early April, Chief Daniel Morris filed court documents in Vancouver asking the Federal Court to restore the First Nation’s control of federal funding.

The First Nation, based in Watson Lake, Yukon, has been under third-party management for two years. The condition was imposed after it fell more than $700,000 in debt and failed to abide by the Federal First Nations Transparency Act. Read the rest of this entry

Protesters claim victory after doors open at INAC office in Regina

INAC occupation regina tents

Tents outside the Regina offices of INAC, April 18, 2016. Photo: Adriana Christianson/CJME News

Group still camped in front of building demands government address health services on First Nations

The Canadian Press, April 29, 2016

Protesters camping outside the Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada office in Regina are claiming victory after the doors to the federal office opened to the public for the first time in nearly two weeks.

Protester Robin Pitawanakwat said they just want the department to once again start serving the public they are paid to serve.

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Protesters at Regina’s INAC office say they won’t leave until their demands are met

INAC occupation regina kids

Participants in Regina INAC protest, April 23, 2016. Facebook/ Colonialism No More – Solidarity Camp Regina)

People are camped out in front of Regina’s Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada office

By Madeline Kotzer, CBC News, April 25, 2016

Seven days after first pitching their tents, people remain camped out in front of Regina’s Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) office.

Signs, fastened to the sides of tents along Albert Street, read “standing strong together” and “honk support change for First Nations”.  Read the rest of this entry

INAC protesters in Winnipeg record video of ‘unexpected’ police visit

INAC occupation winnipeg copFacebook video of the meeting has been viewed more than 5,000 times

By Jillian Coubrough, CBC News, April 25, 2016

When two police officers showed up at the Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) office in Winnipeg, where protestors have been peacefully occupying for 12 days, the group figured the worst.

“I heard someone say ‘the police are here’ and the warriors went to the elevator to block them,” protest supporter, Vivian Ketchum told CBC News. The occupiers are standing in solidarity with the Attawapiskat community and other First Nations amid a suicide crisis. Read the rest of this entry