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Video: 27th Annual Women’s Memorial March in Vancouver, Feb 14, 2017


Video posted to Facebook by Kelly-Patrick Moore, Feb 16, 2017.  Click below to watch the video… Read the rest of this entry

Men’s role in solving the issue of missing and murdered indigenous women

CP train blocked in Toronto, March 12, 2014.

CP train blocked in Toronto, March 12, 2014.

Organizers say not enough men showing support

By Ryan Pilon, CBC News, April 7, 2015

Lani Elliott was 21 years old when she survived a vicious attack by her husband, who beat her with a baseball bat and broke her leg.

Elliott is now telling her story to First Nations and in schools, raising awareness of how often domestic abuse plays a role in the issue of missing and murdered indigenous women.

According to a report released by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police last year entitled “Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women: A National Operational Review”, 92 per cent of the women knew their attackers: Read the rest of this entry

Mounties raped, abused B.C. aboriginal girls, rights watchdog alleges in report

Mike Blanchfield, Canadian Press/NationalPost, Feb. 13, 2013Missing Women Highway of Tears news

OTTAWA — A new report by a respected international human rights watchdog has accused RCMP officers of abusing aboriginal women and girls in northern British Columbia.

New York-based Human Rights Watch uncovered one allegation of rape and others of assault by Mounties against aboriginals in rural B.C. communities. Read the rest of this entry

Voice for missing First Nations women silenced

Lawyer representing aboriginals withdraws

By Suzanne Fournier, The Province, March 6, 2012

The Missing Women Commission of Inquiry was dealt another blow to its credibility Mon-day with the withdrawal of the last lawyer who speaks for First Nations.

Virtually all key women’s and community groups had already pulled out of the inquiry after they were denied legal funding to analyze 100,000 pages of documents. Read the rest of this entry

Case reviewer: Flood of Pickton tips should have galvanized investigation sooner

By SUZANNE FOURNIER, The Province, January 19, 2012
A flood of accurate tips about Robert Pickton in 1998 plus his attempted murder of a prostitute in 1997 should have galvanized the Vancouver police and RCMP into joining forces to hunt him down, a police expert testified on Thursday.

Women's Memorial March, Vancouver, Feb 14, 2008

The best time to pursue a homicide investigation is when information is “fresh,” yet it would take another five years and a dozen more women’s deaths for police to halt Pickton’s killing spree, Peel Regional Police Deputy Chief Jennifer Evans told the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry.

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Missing Women Inquiry Reveals Police Incompetence, Indifference

A series of articles detailing police incompetence and indifference towards missing and murdered women from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, most of whom were Native, in regards to the Pickton investigation.  These corporate news articles are compiled on

Deaths prevented if police took ‘ownership’ of Missing Women reports: Witness

by Suzanne Fournier, The Province, JANUARY 18, 2012
An Ontario police chief told the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry Wednesday that if B.C. police leaders had “taken ownership” of the issue, “many women’s lives may have been saved.” Read the rest of this entry

Cops watched porn, skipped work instead of investigating missing women: Galliford

By SUZANNE FOURNIER, The Province, Wednesday, 23 November 2011

RCMP Cpl. Catherine Galliford, the former calm, professional voice and face of the Missing Women Task Force, said Tuesday she knows her evidence will be “explosive” when she appears at the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry. Read the rest of this entry

Vancouver police, RCMP have blood on hands in Pickton case: victims’ families

By James Keller, Thursday, October 13, 2011


VANCOUVER – The failure of Vancouver police and the RCMP to properly investigate reports of women disappearing from the Downtown Eastside has left both forces with the blood of Robert Pickton’s victims on their hands, the lawyer for many of those women’s families said Tuesday during the first day of a public inquiry. Read the rest of this entry

Why We Wrote the “Statement of Apology”

Why We Wrote the “Statement of Apology” We Wish Had Been Written By the Defenders of the Land Organizing Committee. (April 27th, 2011)

It has been seven days since we published a satirical “statement of apology”,  from the organizing committee of Defender’ of the Land. A group of women and grassroots land defenders wrote the statement, because our voices had been silenced. We feel that what we have to say here must be heard, and so we will continue to speak. Read the rest of this entry

Violence Against Indigenous Women:


“Sexual abuse of First Nation’s children is at crisis proportions. This form of violence is a legacy of colonialism.” (Jackie Lynn, Colonialism & the Sexual Exploitation of Canada’s First Nations Women)

“Discrimination & violence against Indigenous women is Canada’s untold human rights issue.” (Alex Neve, Amnesty International Canada) Read the rest of this entry