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Trudeau’s remarks to Indigenous leaders delayed by First Nations pipeline protest; thousands rally across country in solidarity with Unis’tot’en

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Trudeau’s cabinet forced to leave, unable to attend their meeting this afternoon at Deifenbaker federal government building because of hundreds occupying this space. Photo: Preethy Sivakumar/Facebook

Trudeau addresses Indigenous forum in Ottawa as First Nations protesters march through city

What a Liberal majority means to First Nations

Justin Trudeau 1Core issues prevalent in First Nations need to be addressed in first 100 days, says Pam Palmater

By Tiar Wilson, CBC News, Oct 21, 2015

When Pam Palmater heard Justin Trudeau, Canada’s next prime minister, speak about a “renewed nation-to-nation relationship with Indigenous Peoples that respects rights and honours treaties,” in his victory speech Monday, she says she had mixed feelings of hope and skepticism.

“It has to be a wait and see, because political promises are worth nothing until they are realized,” said Palmater, who is a Mi’kmaq lawyer and chair of Indigenous Governance at Ryerson University in Toronto.

“I am practical. I look at the history of the Liberals. I mean, murdered and missing indigenous women just didn’t become an issue, it’s been an issue for decades,” said Palmater. Read the rest of this entry