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3 of 4 Mapuche Political Prisoners End 116 Day Hunger Strike

Mapuche hungerstrikers courtARIEL TRAGOL continues fast

by Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto], October 2, 2017

On Friday, September 29th, family members of Mapuche Political Prisoners on hunger strike gathered at the Chilean Presidential palace to put forward the demands of their relatives, many of whom were nearing their deathbeds after fasting for 115 days.  The meeting  took place two days after the Chilean College of Doctors, who had been monitoring the health of the hunger strikers, publicly stated all were in serious condition, and that specifically Lonko [Chief] Alfredo Tralcal and Benito Trangol had just 48-hours to live if the fast were to continue. Read the rest of this entry

Mapuche Political Prisoners on Indefinite Hunger Strike: “We risk our lives to guarantee our freedom.”

Mapuche flag woman childWomen’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallampu, June 7, 2017

Mapuche Political Prisoners, in so-called southern Chile, prosecuted in relation to Luchsinger Mackay case in the prison of Temuco communicate the following:

On Monday, May 29th, 2017, we have begun a hunger strike as a last recourse of resistance within political prison to demand and pressure authorities for due process in our cases. Read the rest of this entry

Video: Mapuche mobilization for the freedom of elder Francisca Linconao


See video below: Read the rest of this entry

Movements Demand That Chile Free Mapuche Indigenous Leader

Mapuche elder Machi Linconao

Machi Linconao held by Chilean police | Photo: Mapuche Indigenous – Twitter

TelesurTV, August 18, 2016

Marchi Linconao has been jailed by Chile since 2013 but the evidence that was used to detain her using an anti-terror law remains suspect, with the main witness retracting her statement.

Feminist and Indigenous movements in Chile are demand the freedom of Machi Francisca Linconao – an important spiritual leader of the Mapuche people – as human rights groups take her case to the United Nations. Read the rest of this entry

Mapuche Prisoners End Hungerstrike

by Gwynne Hogan, Santiago Times,Thursday, 25 October 2012

The four Mapuche prisoners have ended their hunger strike in Chile.

Four indigenous Mapuche prisoners who went without food for 60 days in southern Chile’s Angol Prison called off their fast on Thursday after a Supreme Court decision overturned two of their sentences.

Terminating their hunger strike also put an end to the suspense as to whether prison authorities would force feed them. A court decision last week gave prison guards the right to force feed the strikers, the prospect of which had human rights groups in Chile up in arms. Read the rest of this entry

Chile: Court Partially Annuls Conviction against Mapuche on Hunger Strike

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

The Chilean Supreme Court decided to annul part of the trial that in August convicted two Mapuche community members that have been on hunger strike for 60 days in Angol Prison.

The President of the Criminal Court of the maximum tribunal of Chile, Milton Juica, explained that in the case of Daniel Levinao Montoya, the court unanimously ordered to annul the sentence of attempted murder against General Ivan Bezmalinovic, but confirms the conviction for illegal possession of a weapon. Read the rest of this entry

Chilean police clash with protesters during Mapuche march

By By Luis Andres Henao, The Associated Press, October 15, 2012

Militants attack police armoured vehicle in Santiago, Chile, during a protest in support of Mapuche land struggles and political prisoners on hunger strike, Oct 15, 2012.

SANTIAGO, Chile – Chilean police on Monday clashed with hooded vandals who infiltrated a protest by Mapuche Indians demanding land rights and autonomy.

Police shot tear gas and water cannons when the demonstration by 3,000 Mapuches in Chile’s capital turned violent. Sixteen people were arrested. Read the rest of this entry

Mapuches rushed to hospital after 45-day hunger strike in Chile

By Gwynne Hogan, Santiago Times, Thursday, 11 October 2012

Four Mapuche youth on hunger strike.

Amnesty International warns force feeding Mapuche political prisoners would be breach of human rights.

After being rushed to a hospital Wednesday night, the fate of four indigenous hunger strikers now hangs on a decision by the Court of Appeals on whether authorities will be allowed to force feed them. At the time of publication, the protesters were in critical condition in a hospital in Concepción, 310 miles south of Santiago. Read the rest of this entry