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Movements Demand That Chile Free Mapuche Indigenous Leader

Mapuche elder Machi Linconao

Machi Linconao held by Chilean police | Photo: Mapuche Indigenous – Twitter

TelesurTV, August 18, 2016

Marchi Linconao has been jailed by Chile since 2013 but the evidence that was used to detain her using an anti-terror law remains suspect, with the main witness retracting her statement.

Feminist and Indigenous movements in Chile are demand the freedom of Machi Francisca Linconao – an important spiritual leader of the Mapuche people – as human rights groups take her case to the United Nations. Read the rest of this entry

Mapuche Group Burns Machinery In Patagonia As Part Of Land Claim

Mapuche burned excavator

Burned out excavator. Photo: Earth First! Newswire

Members of the Mapuche Ancestral Resistance burned two excavator machines belonging to English businessman Joe Lewis to demand their ancestral land be returned to the indigenous community.

Mapuche Resistance Group, Weichan Auka Mapu, Claims more than 30 Sabotage Attacks

Chile: Arson at Hydroelectric Dam’s Office in Pehuenche Territory

Mapuche hydro arson 2from Resume Chile, translated by Earth First! Journal Newswire, Nov 23, 2015

Incendiary devices were used against the installations of the Hydroelectric Center of Angostura de Colbún [Sunday Nov. 15, 2015] during the night. Unidentified people burned the office and three corporate vehicles belonging to Matte, which has installed itself within Pehuenche Territory. Read the rest of this entry

Mapuche Territorial Resistance Group of the CAM claim responsibility for Sabotage

Chile: Two Arson Attacks on Logging Trucks in the Province of Arauco, Wallmapu

Chile Mapuche arson May 2015 1by The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto], May 15, 2015

Two arson attacks were carried out early Thursday morning at various points in the Araucania Region.

The first took place in at the Mariposas Estate, located on Highway CH181that connects the townships of Curacautín with Victoria, in the Province of Malleco.

According to police reports, the unknown suspects entered the area and lit fire to a shed that contained logging equipment.

Guards confronted the suspects, which gave way to shots being fired, although police assert there were no injuries reported. Read the rest of this entry

Chile: Mapuche Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike in Angol Prison

Chile: Mapuche anti-Columbus march ends in clashes with police

Mapuches march in Santiago, Chile, against Columbus Day celebrations.

Mapuches march in Santiago, Chile, against Columbus Day celebrations.

Merco Press, October 14th 2014

Chilean police fired tear gas and water cannon on Sunday to break up thousands of indigenous protesters demanding land rights and condemning Columbus Day, after masked demonstrators began throwing stones.

The march in Santiago began festively, with demonstrators decked out in colourful clothing and playing traditional indigenous music from around the country. But some protesters turned violent, throwing stones at police, who responded by firing water cannon and tear gas.

Read the rest of this entry

The Anti-Terrorist Law vs. the Autonomist Mapuche Movement; Contributions to the Debate by Hector Llaitul

Chilean riot cops raid Mapuche community.

Chilean riot cops raid Mapuche community.

Neoliberal governments, like their economies, need certain commodities in the course of their development with the ends to consolidate, improve and deepen their dynamics, which may not necessarily be easy for the elites. This is why they build stories that empathize with people’s needs, with its deep and heartfelt demands, fill solutions in the framework of populism, but under no circumstances promote participatory processes where the model is questioned and new cultural and economic practices are generated. Read the rest of this entry

Chile: Terror case collapses as ‘activist’ witness admits being informant

Police informant Raul Castro testifying in court in August 2013.

Police informant Raul Castro testifying in court in August 2013.

Mapuche men acquitted of arson to seek official redress, after being detained for two years as minors under anti-terrorism law.

By Joel Keep, Santiago Times, Feb 17th, 2014

Defense lawyers for two indigenous men say they are canvassing options for potential legal action against the Chilean state, after their clients were cleared of terrorism allegations as the testimony of a self-declared police informer was ruled unreliable last week. Read the rest of this entry