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An Innocent Warrior

Maori Tame Iti

Maori warrior Tame Iti. Photo: Al Jazeera

A Maori activist’s fight for his people after being accused of running a paramilitary training camp in New Zealand.

Al Jazeera, August 4, 2016

In 2007 New Zealand police arrested charismatic Maori leader Tame Iti and others in anti-terrorist raids after a period of surveillance.

In a long trial, Iti and three other people (the “Urewera Four”) were accused of running a terrorist training camp and of being members of a criminal group. The high court found them not guilty of terrorism but they were jailed for firearms offences. The case was the culmination of 170 years of conflict between the New Zealand Crown and the Ngai Tuhoe tribe, who had suffered appalling injustice including the dispossession of their land.

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New Zealand: Operation 8 Trial Ends

Urewera Terror: epic fail

March 21st, 2012 by Lew,

Militant Maori warriors protest anti-terror raids outside parliament buildings.

Whatever your opinion regarding the Urewera Terror raids, you have to admit that the Police and Crown Law have failed.
The so-called “Urewera 4″ were convicted on about half of the least-serious charges brought, and the jury was hung on the more serious charges of participation in an organised criminal group. The defendants may be retried on these latter charges, and they may yet be found guilty. But the paucity of the Police and Crown Law operation is pretty clear regardless. Read the rest of this entry

Maori Warriors On Trial: Operation 8 Court Case

On Monday, October 15th 2007, more than 300 police carried out dawn raids on dozens of houses all over Aotearoa / New Zealand.  Police claim the raids were in response to ‘concrete terrorist threats’ from indigenous activists.  What initially started with 20 defendants is now down to four: Taame, Emily, Rangi and Urs.

Their trial started Monday 13th February 2012 in Auckland.  Below are a series of updates from the ongoing court process, beginning with a background article.  More updates can be found at: Read the rest of this entry