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Unis’tot’en: Meet the land defenders on their land

Unistoten 6th annual camp logoby Victoria Forest Action Network

Don’t miss out! Sign up now to be part of the Caravan to the Summer Action Camp in Unis’tot’en territory, Northern BC July 6 to 14. This indigenous blockade is part of a growing alliance of people against pipelines. Volunteers are needed now and all year round!

Summer weather brings mosquitoes and pipeline crews to the north. The crews are trying to enter Unis’tot’en territory by helicopter and through back roads, but they can’t escape the eyes of the camp guardians. Read the rest of this entry

Vancouver police raid suspected anti-pipeline graffiti ‘taggers’

Mural artist Milan Basic standing in front of his mural that has been spray-painted with "Oil Spill."

Mural artist Milan Basic standing in front of his mural that has been spray-painted with “Oil Spill.”  FYI Milan, your mural is part of an effort by the city, the cops, and business owners to stop graffiti, the original street art.

By Brian Morton, Vancouver Sun, June 6, 2014

A police raid of an east Vancouver home earlier this week as part of an investigation of anti-pipeline graffiti is being criticized as disproportionate to the alleged crime.
Five people were arrested during the raid, but all were released and no charges have been laid, Vancouver police Const. Brian Montague said Friday.
“I expect that charges will be recommended at some point down the road,” Montague said. “It is linked to an investigation related to the ‘no-pipelines’ tagging we’ve seen around town.”
The raid, however, drew criticism in a blog post on Warrior Publications by author identified only as “Zig Zag.” Read the rest of this entry

Updates on East Vancouver “no pipelines” police raid and legal defence fundraising

Business mural with "No Pipelines" spray painted on it, Commercial Drive, Vancouver.

Business mural with “No Pipelines” spray painted on it, Commercial Drive, Vancouver.

A series of news reports on the June 3, 2014, police raid in East Vancouver, BC, as well as a link to legal defence and communications fundraising.  Special thanks to all the comrades who have offered support and members of the public who have donated to fundraising efforts.  We will be neither silenced nor intimidated in our defence of Mother Earth!  Read the rest of this entry

Search warrants used in East Vancouver anti-graffiti raid

Warrant 1 RedactedHere are the search warrants used by the Vancouver police for the June 3, 2014, raid in East Vancouver.  The name of the targeted individual and the house address have been blocked out.  There are two separate warrants, one issued on June 2, 2014, and sworn by Detective Derek Wong, who is apparently a member of the VPD Anti-Graffiti Unit.  The secondary warrant is issue on June 3 to Ram Gregoriou (formerly Ramndeep Barn), who is also a Vancouver constable although it is unknown what unit he is stationed in.  The seventh JPG image is of two sticky notes left in the kitchen of the raided house, assumed to be names of cops and rooms they were to search. Read the rest of this entry

Poll finds rising opposition in B.C. to Kinder Morgan TransMountain pipeline proposal

Opposition to Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline expansion has risen since the beginning of the year, a poll suggests.  Opposition has grown by six points since January (from 42 per cent to 49 per cent opposed) with women and young people (18 to 34) most opposed, according to a the Insights West poll released Wednesday. Read the rest of this entry

Anti-pipeline graffiti upsets Vancouver business owners

Read the rest of this entry